Monday, April 2, 2012

MUST see short video

Hey Everyone!
So I know everyone in some way has been touched or effected by breast cancer. Personally there are too many people close to me that has. This video is great...even though it's a local team it still is great! I found this on Facebook and my mom has walked with this team for many years. I am THE CHALK GIRL and I must say there are MANY, MANY "Girls and Guys" this year walking and more signing up. I will have to be there before day break to start chalking and I may need a couple hundred tubs of chalk! From personally walking I know this will help lift there spirits as well as any and all people cheering them on!
Please enjoy and share this video!

If you would like to join feel free to get all info off the Valley Girls and Guys Facebook page. Or email Tina McDonough at or you can make a donation to help my mom, Carlene Haley, reach her fundraising goal on her Donation Page. For any and all information on Breast Cancer or The 3 Day Walk visit Susan G. Komen's website.

Thank you for your support~
Bree and J
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