Monday, April 2, 2012

My April Fools

Having them close their eyes got them super excited! Then once they opened them Bradley's excitement turned to utter and total confusion. Even after explaining over and over that everything still tasted normal it still took them awhile to take a bite, Bradley even waited until after his brother took the first bite, realized he was ok and taste tested himself. The funny thing is usually Mac N Cheese is the first thing gone off their plates. Yesterday it was Bradley's last thing gone. Wonderfully fun year...can't wait until next year!

Blue Mac N' Cheese, Inside Out Orange, and Cheese and Sprinkles Served on a Upside Down Plate

All Served on Upside Down Plates
(Braeden couldn't handle it and turned his back over)
Over sized Forks and Milk Served in Baby Food Jars...
Happy April Fools!
Hope your fooling was fun~
Bree and J

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