Friday, April 20, 2012

Celebrate Earth Day Week: Friday

Puget Sound Energy is helping us save energy with lots of tips and tricks and new products to help save power, resources and energy. is a great place for resources, ideas, and a great paper less way to manage your bill.

Here are some great ways, some I've never known or heard of, to save...


  • If you have baseboard heaters, turn the thermostat down or off in unoccupied rooms and close the door. Do not do this if you have a furnace or heat pump.

Water Heating:

  • Install inexpensive pipe insulation on all exposed hot water pipes and on the first three feet of exposed cold water pipe that is connected to the water heater.

  • Wash clothes in cold water and take shorter showers.


  • Choose the right bulb for each room. CFL bulbs come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit nearly every household fixture.

Appliances and Electronics: 

  • Many electronics draw power even when turned off. Plug items like TVs, DVD players and game consuls into power strips that you can switch off when not in use. Special “smart” power strips do this automatically

  • When cooking, match pots and pans to the right-sized burner. Use a microwave oven, rather than your stove, to heat food whenever possible


  • Use inexpensive weather-stripping and door sweeps to reduce air leaks around entry doors. For a no-cost fix, roll up a bath towel and hold it against the bottom of the door with a weight.

These tips and ideas from Puget Sound Energy,  Click Here to go directly to the tips and ideas page.

Save some power, money AND the Earth~
Bree and J
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