Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Girls Room: Part 1

Our main bathroom has been a work in progress for years.  Yikes!  It's time to get it on it and finish it up!  We call it the Girls bathroom because it use to be PINK.
Years! Evie is newly 2 in this picture. She's almost 5 now.
This is a pretty scary picture but a good representation of what I started with.  I only have pictures of the toilet because this was back before my blogging days.  This toilet was a huge water waster.  We pay more for our sewer than for our water usage and garbage pickup combine. 

Now you can see how she was sitting on it.
 The tank was attached to the wall and the top of the seat was 12 inches from the floor.  People would practically fall in to it's elongated bowl.  And the floors were awesome too!

Huge improvement!
I changed out my toilet mostly by myself.  My dad was around and helped me lift the old one out and the new one in.  I did all the bolts, hook-ups, assembly and wax ring stuff.  I had to make a couple trips to our local hardware store to get a special flange adapter.

That's where I left off almost 3 years ago.  I tried several paint swatches without success.  This is the place where I put make-up on and I didn't want the color on the walls to take over.  I tried aqua-y greens and blues but didn't want everyone to refer to it as the "green" bathroom.  Also I don't want to look seasick in my green bathroom. 

I have scoured Pinterest for inspiration, here are my top 3:

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Pinned Image
Pinned Image

To day I touched up my tiles.  The pink tiles were and are plastic.  I removed most but left the ones around the tub with the intentions of putting real tile in.  I painted them with latex paint out of frustration. The paint has held up ok but we don't hardly ever shower in this bathroom.  Just my girl taking long luxurious bubble baths!

This is not an exciting picture.
I started to stencil some circles in the upper corner but I think they should be thinner.  The color is Pebble by Martha Stewart.

So stay tuned for more, lol!
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