Friday, April 6, 2012

Raising The Wild: Joys Of Motherhood

The joys of motherhood have very many ups and downs and I am lucky to have not pulled ALL my hair out by now......but they are OH SO worth it! One minute your kids are sharing and the next they are fighting....and then whining...then crying...tattle telling...arguing...pouting....throwing themselves on the floor...screaming...hitting...and yes even spitting!....and then friends again. 
Though sometimes things can be hard their....."less favorable" moments are way over shined by their adorable, sweet, kind, loving, charishable moments. That's why they are made to look SO cute! Most of my boys' moments of bad judgment are now (looking back) laughable times...."remember when...." Even though at that moment I have no idea what to do with my children. Sometimes they ABSOLUTELY astonish me with what they come up with or DO! During these moments you better know how to think fast and keep a straight face because if for one second they sense fear, humor, or doubt...they'll eat you ALIVE! LOL! 
They ARE wild animals sometimes! 
Feel free to enjoy some of our children's cute moments and....we'll just keep with the flow and say "NOT" so cute moments. ENJOY!

Brooklyn is the only sweet, innocent, immobile one! So good!
Enjoy your loves~
Bree and J

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