Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Celebrate Earth Day Week: Wednesday

Everywhere I'm seeing cute succulent terrariums.  After a failed attempt at making a hanging succulent garden last summer, I was able to salvage a few "chicks".

 I started with this Goodwill find.  It was actually 50% off because it was pink tag sale day!

I am not a green thumb. The plants I have are what some consider "hardy".  These poor Hens and Chicks were all that had survived after being pillaged by children and left sitting in a old terracotta pot by me ALL winter.  After washing up the glass bowl I set to cleaning up my little chicks.

I remove anything loose and brown so I can get a clean looking root.  Tossed in some dirt I had on hand and plunked them down.  I spray them once a week with a spritz bottle.

This picture is two weeks later!  They are so happy and green! 

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