Thursday, April 26, 2012

Campfire Kiddo's Celebrated Earth Day

Our Campfire group celebrated Earth Day last week by creating an Earth Day Inspired Craft, going on a nature walk around the block and discussing how we can help save the earth, what comes from the earth and what plants, trees and flowers need to grow. Our Campfire group is ages 3-5.

~Nature Walk~
Cement does NOT grow
 out of the earth (lol) 
but LOOK....
some grass has
 found its way 
through the crack
 in the cement!
 Pointing out the
 cute little flowers 
growing in the grass.

A flower for my mommy! <3

 THE BOYS...we gotta stay together!

Girls......are grossed out by the boys these days!

What kids need to grow: care, nourishment, love, knowledge, sunlight, air, and water! LOL!

Keep those kids growing and learning~
Bree and J
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