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(be aware...brief but not graphic nudity)

This last week I came across a print ad in a magazine that tell ya the truth PISSED ME OFF! Yes, maybe it was mother natures warning of what was to come regarding my monthly gift from her. But still, the ad got me peeved AND thinking.
I may have also been affected more than another woman would, seeing as my past and my family has been effected by this specific thing more than a few times.

BREAST CANCER.....has crept its way into the many lives of women I love. My Great-Grandmother Neill, My Grandma Holm, (her sister) MY Great Aunt Debbi these are all the women in order on my mom's side. All in the SAME breast, left side. The odds of my mom....myself....and if no cure found....MY DAUGHTER having the same cancer on the same side are very high and for me is just a reality to come. A reality I am prepared for. AND with early detection and treatment something I am prepared to overcome.
These aren't the only women in my life effected. My Grandma Haley, Aunt Bev, a former friend and 3 Day walker, more friends, the list goes on.

This is the image that inspired this post.
First Thoughts: "What the HELL do these 18 year old somethings, with their perfect air brushed skin, manicured nails, flawless faces, and perfectly shaped breasts have ANYTHING to do with breast cancer???"
Then: "WHO really thinks UNDRESSING 4 absolutely perfectly flawless if even "fake" women, having them hold each other....oh wait lets put some pink lipstick on them and some pink ribbon and call it a breast cancer ad! WHAT AN IDIOT! I am sorry by no means in any way does this "move" me, "inspire" me or "educate" me about breast cancer. I would bet money (which i DON'T do) that a man designed or approved this ad. How very disappointing."
By: Estee Lauder

More I found:
First thoughts: "Those are cute pink gloves"
Then: "What the heck does some girl dressed up, in heels, wearing pink boxing gloves have to do with anything related to breast cancer...or awareness" "like SHE really had breast cancer or had it and has struggled and had to" fight" against it" REALLY?!?!?! I get there trying to say "fight breast cancer and win it" ....why don't they use the same idea but someone believable....want a famous face....use Cheryl Crow"

First thoughts: "WOW...she has beautiful hair!"
Then: "I have no idea who this is but highly doubt she has fought against breast cancer. How is a beautiful woman, with hair AND a body to DIE for suppose to inspire ME to become more aware of my body and breast cancer. If anything this makes me feel more self conscious about my body. Hmm...maybe this is targeted to a mans pocket book..since the ad is hinting this gorgeous woman goes pink (iGoPINK) and SHE would love to get naked for this ad in hopes that you can donate to "BreastCancerCharities"...but i highly doubt this print ad is run in a mens magazine...I would bet money that you'd find this ad in People, Good Housekeeping, Real Simple, All About You...something woman would buy to read."
By: The Breast Cancer Charities of America

What is advertising???
"Advertising promotes products and services that businesses are tying to sell. However, this is not the sole purpose of advertising. In addition to promoting a product or service, advertising serves multiple functions for the company and brand. These functions help companies achieve the ultimate goal: selling their products or services."
Read more: What Is the Purpose of Advertising a Product? | 

I am sorry but the first two ads were printed from companies you would normally buy a retail product from....after seeing these I would go out of my way to NOT purchase products from those companies.

Want some breast cancer ads that really SPEAK to you.......

"1 Chance in 80,000 she's just won an Olympic Medal"
"1 Chance in 8 she's just found out she has Breast Cancer"

My first thoughts: "its cancer...shes not that much older than me...."
Then: "does she have a family like me, i wonder how I would feel...if I were her...I should get an early mammogram. What will she do, whats next, how sad...."
Who cares if this woman really did win an Olympic gold medal, its portrayed as she did not, that she just found out she has cancer. Who cares what really is going on in this speaks to you....that's what it SHOULD DO! It's also informative to the point of be a very real, scary thing....I easily know 8 woman...they are close to me....who would it be? THIS is a Breast Cancer Ad!

 Here Avon does a different ad compared to their other. But take a guess which one is more advertised??
First Thoughts: "how sad.....and so real..."
Then: "with one photo you can send monumental thoughts through people...each person thinking something similar but different. Each relating how real this could be for them and how it would affect them and possibly the family they have, children they have or want to have.
This shows nudity but not in a sexual way...this is real, pure and honest...this to me is beautiful"

 First Thoughts: "this woman has had a breast removed due to breast cancer" 
Then: "How sad that this is a true reality for some woman...AND she is lucky she still has her life. Did she really loose a breast?? who knows...who speaks even in another language." This also has nudity but not selling sexuality.


First Thoughts: "their mom probably had breast cancer and it's a good reality they might too"
Then: "is this really a mom and her REAL daughters??? it doesn't matter.....what matters is it's portrayed as it is, in turn making you believe that the way they embrace their mom that she is a survivor. Her daughters are posing with her for the ad showing that they are now aware and check or have exams regularly because this very might be a real and scary future for them. Without saying one word with this ad (to me) it says "be aware, cancer caught early has a better survival rate, for your children get an annual mammogram"
I believe this ad was from Estee Lauder but what one do you think was printed more??

Breast Cancer Statistics for 2012: (from Susan G. Komen)
In 2012, it is estimated that among U.S. women  and men[31]:
  • Women: There will be 226,870 new cases of invasive breast cancer (includes new cases of primary breast cancer among survivors, but not recurrence of original breast cancer among survivors).
  • Men:  There will be 2,190 new cases of breast cancer.
  • There will be 63,300 new cases of in situ breast cancer (includes ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS)* and lobular carcinoma in situ (LCIS)*, of those, about 85 percent were DCIS). DCIS is a non-invasive breast cancer and LCIS is a risk factor that increases the risk of invasive breast cancer. Learn more about  DCIS and breast cancer risk. Learn more about LCIS and breast cancer risk.
  • Women: There will be 39,510 breast cancer deaths. 
  • Men: There will be 410 breast cancer deaths. 
*Ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS, intraductal carcinoma) 
A non-invasive breast cancer that begins in the milk ducts of the breast, but has not invaded nearby breast tissue. Also called stage 0 or pre-invasive breast carcinoma. 
*Lobular carcinoma in situ (LCIS, lobular neoplasia in situ) 
A condition where abnormal cells grow in the lobules of the breast. LCIS increases the risk of breast cancer.

Great Breast Cancer Websites:

Sorry for my ranting. Hope I didn't offend anyone. I would love to hear that I am not alone in these feelings or rantings. Please feel free to comment bellow and let us know your thoughts? :)

Stay Aware...Stay Alive~
Bree and J
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  1. You raise some very valid points. Thank you for your insightful blog post.


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