Monday, April 23, 2012

Play Date: Spring Fair

Who likes Pigs? These kids!!!
We spent a fabulous afternoon exploring the Puyallup Spring Fair.  We ate Costco hot dogs for lunch before getting to the fair and we also packed lots of snacks and water.  Since the kids are 5 and under, they were free and we grown ups purchased discount tickets at our local Safeway.  The weather was perfect, just what we've needed since it's been so wet and dreary!

We had special VIP access to pet some prized pigs.  Bree's nephew was showing them and won some ribbons! Please make sure you ask before you try because some animal will bite!!!

We took advantage of all the benches to take little breaks.  We did tons of walking and skipping!  There were lots of free activities and baby animals to keep them entertained.
Testing out the foot massagers! For 50 cents you can quickly get 5 kids on one.
Coloring with the Daffodil Princesses
Taking in some tunes!
Hanging out under the rainbow after getting some airbrushed face painting!

Some day I will include some out takes on these kids.  It's really tough to get them to all look at you, smile and hold still at the same time!  We had so much fun, they all were asleep before leaving the parking lot!  A quiet ride home was the perfect ending!

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