Tuesday, April 10, 2012

3 Easters: Metzger Style

Last we had a 3 Easter Holiday as well....with so many family so spread out we ended up having multiple Easters...this usually happens with all our holidays as well as many other families out there. The more the merrier..or Eastier. LOL (i'm a dork...this i know)

 1st Easter
At my Mom's house celebrated with my Mom, her boy friend Kenny, my sisters Anna and Sarah, my grandma and grandpa Holm and us! Funny to think....there were 11 people there...and our family alone made up 5 of those 11. Hahaha! Good thing we are DONE!
Brooklyn trying to devour her Easter Bunny, Easter Egg Hunting,Bradley showing off his muscles!, Dinner time and family....AND GRANDPA sitting at the KIDDY table! ;)

2nd Easter
Lets head to Moses Lake to visit Grandma Joyce. 
All worth the total almost 6 hour drive. The kids were great! 
Thanks Daddy for driving, thats an over 15 FEET tall wall of SNOW along the freeway, pit stop at Owen's Meats and The Cle Elem Bakery for snacks, Bradley taking a picture of me with his Leap Pad, SO AMAZED by the huge windmill farms over east.

Brooklyn's First experience with grass...she wasnt too sure about the stuff,Bubble blowing and egg hunting, relaxing after their hunt, egg inventory, Grandmas doggy "Nicholas" wanted Braedens toy chick SOOO bad...Braeden was NOT fond of that idea!

3rd Easter
Metzger Style....just good times, good people, playing, eating and relaxing!
So wonderful the weather worked out beautifully!
Spent with...in order from youngest to oldest:
(2 1/2 weeks older) Adorable Nephew Lincoln
Braeden, Bradley, Nephew Taylor
Me (Bree) , Husband (Brock)
Sis in law Melissa and her hubby Martin
In Laws aka MOM and DAD 
Taylor wrestling with the boys..they had SO much fun! Chalking...my favorite childhood past time, all the kiddos on the 4 wheeler with Papa, Grandma Debbi's Daffodil, Daddy and Sissy cuddle time and Brooklyn's Choices of Easter Dresses....yes she is spoiled by her Grandmas!

DESSERT for 1st Easter

 Rolls for 3rd Easter

Hope everyone had a "Hoppy" Easter~
Bree and J

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