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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

3 Easters: Metzger Style

Last we had a 3 Easter Holiday as well....with so many family so spread out we ended up having multiple Easters...this usually happens with all our holidays as well as many other families out there. The more the merrier..or Eastier. LOL (i'm a dork...this i know)

 1st Easter
At my Mom's house celebrated with my Mom, her boy friend Kenny, my sisters Anna and Sarah, my grandma and grandpa Holm and us! Funny to think....there were 11 people there...and our family alone made up 5 of those 11. Hahaha! Good thing we are DONE!
Brooklyn trying to devour her Easter Bunny, Easter Egg Hunting,Bradley showing off his muscles!, Dinner time and family....AND GRANDPA sitting at the KIDDY table! ;)

2nd Easter
Lets head to Moses Lake to visit Grandma Joyce. 
All worth the total almost 6 hour drive. The kids were great! 
Thanks Daddy for driving, thats an over 15 FEET tall wall of SNOW along the freeway, pit stop at Owen's Meats and The Cle Elem Bakery for snacks, Bradley taking a picture of me with his Leap Pad, SO AMAZED by the huge windmill farms over east.

Brooklyn's First experience with grass...she wasnt too sure about the stuff,Bubble blowing and egg hunting, relaxing after their hunt, egg inventory, Grandmas doggy "Nicholas" wanted Braedens toy chick SOOO bad...Braeden was NOT fond of that idea!

3rd Easter
Metzger Style....just good times, good people, playing, eating and relaxing!
So wonderful the weather worked out beautifully!
Spent order from youngest to oldest:
(2 1/2 weeks older) Adorable Nephew Lincoln
Braeden, Bradley, Nephew Taylor
Me (Bree) , Husband (Brock)
Sis in law Melissa and her hubby Martin
In Laws aka MOM and DAD 
Taylor wrestling with the boys..they had SO much fun! favorite childhood past time, all the kiddos on the 4 wheeler with Papa, Grandma Debbi's Daffodil, Daddy and Sissy cuddle time and Brooklyn's Choices of Easter Dresses....yes she is spoiled by her Grandmas!

DESSERT for 1st Easter

 Rolls for 3rd Easter

Hope everyone had a "Hoppy" Easter~
Bree and J

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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter! Patton Style

This year was the first in four that my daughter, Evie, was able to hunt for eggs outside.  Between her age, snow, and rain, my poor kid has been left to hunt indoors.  I was worried when we first woke up because it was really windy but it calmed down a little before we headed outside.  Here's a recap of our Easter morning, Patton style!

E. Bunny was here
This picture was taken at night so it's a little dark.  There's an empty glass of milk with the chewed end of a carrot to show that the Easter Bunny had been by and enjoyed a snack.

Checking out the spread.
You have to be sure to empty out the entire contents of your basket to be sure you didn't miss anything!  Have some candy for breakfast with a side of cereal and then be sure to bug your parents until you all get dressed and ready to hunt for the eggs.

If only the wind would cooperate!
We tried to take a nice picture, her hair kept blowing in her face.  She is wearing two piece butterfly outfit. Halter -op with a handkerchief-style bottom and matching capris made by my mom. Evie is also wearing a long-sleeved shirt and thick tights for warmth.

Wet hair doesn't slow her down!
My husband, Dave, hid the eggs while Evie and I got dressed and ready.  Our pooches would eat them if we put them out too much before we are ready to be out there.  Eggs are good for their coats and makes them shiny.

Here's one on the climber!
Having a mix of easy to find eggs and some more challenging makes for a good time!

Where are they?
Most she found right away.  It was fun for me to find them just before her.

Oh! In the bird feeder, silly Bunny!
My brother and sis-in-law were able to stop by long enough to watch her too.

This year was my first to get most of the eggs to boil without cracking.  From a carton of eighteen, seventeen made it into the dye.  I read somewhere that if your eggs are room temperature, they are less likely to crack during cooking.  Ours weren't quite that warm but from the store to the stove was about 30 minutes.  We love dying eggs and could do it for hours if we could!

An egg in Evie's favorite color, rainbow!
We've had a beautiful Easter and hope that you are enjoying it too! 
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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter Food Craft's

 We try to be creative in our household without having to spend any extra money! Love these easy ways to add alittle surprise to the table!

You can also use the bunny cookie cutter for this next food craft...we will Easter morning!
This is also our boy's favorite breakfast!

"Egg N' Hat" or "Egg N' Nest"
I love this simple breakfast as it was something my mom used to make...I'm pretty sure it's a traditional meal in everyone's household!

Make sure to add more butter between flipping...or you can pre butter the bread to make this easier.

Bree and J

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DIY Easter Gift

This is a great gift to give to a ME! Thank you Grandma Holm for my gift!

Grandma's are the best~
Bree and J

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Friday, April 6, 2012

Quick Craft: Our Easter Gifts

This year instead of spending a ton of money on a bundle of flowers for each mom and grandma in the family...we have many different mom's and grandma's. We decided to grow and make our own. A handcrafted gift made with love is the best type of gift.

Quick Easter Planter/Hostess Gift
10 Minute Craft
What you need:
Empty Baby Food Jar
Brown Twine
Seeds or Small Flower

1. Tie Ribbon and Twine around Empty Baby Food Jar.
 I tied them into one knot together than tied the ribbon into a knot over the original knot. Then made sure my twine was cut long enough that I could tie it into a bow over ribbon knot. Trim Ribbon if needed once tied an in place.

2.Add rocks to bottom of jar for soil drainage (just enough so soil is not resting on bottom of jar) and add soil & seeds or plant.
 I had already pre planted flowers in my Jiffy Green House Planter. I cut out the desired number of plants, then tore the side to make the flower start fit into the baby food jar. 

3. Add top soil, either over seeds of around edges of pre planted bio degradable pot, and water 
(I also fertilize)

Stay Crafty and Happy Easter~
Bree and J

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Pinterest Challenge: Easter Favorites

Every Friday (we hope) but every week we like to have a Pinterest Challenge! This is where we see who can find THE best pin of...whatever the challenge may be! 
We would love your input and your vote on who wins the Pinterest Challenge!

We would love for you to follow our Pinterest Boards!
 Become a pinterest sister and find us at Farm House Sisters

This week's Challenge:

Keep pinning~
Jessi and Bree

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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

FH Sisters Pinterst Board Highlight: Bounce into...Spring

To see more on an idea you like here or more of our spring ideas and pins go to "Bounce into..Spring" Board on Pinterest.
Or if you have a pinterest account and you like our "pinning" style please feel free to follow all our boards at 
Farm House Sisters on Pinterest

Happy Spring~
Bree and J

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Saturday, March 31, 2012

This Weeks Pinterest Favorites


Pick you favorites from each board...lets see who picked THE best. A good ol' Jessi vs Bree friendly competition
 to see who has the top pick!
Please comment below on this weeks winner!

It's Your Birthday...Party

Jessi vs Bree


Jessi vs Bree

Healthy Habits

Jessi vs Bree
hahaha! Looks like we are both winners here!


Jessi vs Bree
Sometimes it's scary how much we think alike!!

Photo Opt Ideas

Jessi vs Bree

I'm Hungry

Jessi vs Bree
hmmmm...they BOTH look good to me!

Dear Santa

Jessi vs Bree
Jessi's was my 2nd pic...such a tough one to choose!

Dear Easter Bunny

Jessi vs Bree


Jessi vs Bree

Love to Design

Jessi vs Bree
Funny how it's both them both

Baby Album

Jessi vs Bree
Both are beautiful!

Home Sweet Home

Jessi vs Bree we need to find 2 of for each of us!

Mother's/Father's Day

Mommy vs Mommy
I'm sure any mommy would love either of these for Mother's Day

4th of July

Jessi vs Bree
I know what she'll bring to the 4th of July Party, lol, I'll be bring the same thing!

Be My Valentine

Jessi vs Bree

Giving Thanks

Jessi vs Bree
ok..this one there weren't very many to choose from

Falling for...Fall

Jessi vs Bree

Bounce into...Spring

Jessi vs Bree
LOVE them bad they wouldn't work well together

Winter Wonderland

Jessi vs Bree

Dig In The Dirt...Gardening

I think we both like how this is so smart AND so easy...oh ya and SO CHEAP!

Crazy Kids

Jessi vs Bree

Fun In The Sun...Summer

Jessi vs Bree
Alright Jess...I'll bring my Bubble Refill Station, come over, and sit on your gorgeous outdoor furniture that kids WILL NOT BE ALLOWED ON! LOL!
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