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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Guns and God in School

Friday morning the word began to spread about the unthinkable horror unfolding in Connecticut. A man walked into an elementary school where he murdered 20 children, ages 6 and 7, and 6 adults.

By the time afternoon arrived many parents had rushed to pull their kids out early from school. Simply to give them hugs and take their precious babies home.

Monday came around and most parents had a hard time sending their kids to school. Just the thought that this could happen anywhere, to anyone, at anytime has hit home. It is literally unbelievable that anyone could do such a thing to children, to babies. These were someones little angels, their joy in life and so young...its heart breaking.

Of coarse it makes you think..."What can be done?" "What could we do to keep our kids safe?" School is supposed to be one of the safest places for children to go, yet school shootings happen more and more each year.

I agree that there should be something done but I do not agree with the ideas people are tossing around.
Here are the most popular, radical options you can choose from.

Bring guns into schools
Bring God into schools

I'm sorry but neither of these are a solution. Not even close!

I am or was (depending on if I need to renew) a member of the NRA. I also have a concealed weapons permit. I know how to correctly operate a firearm. I treat any firearm with the deepest, up most respect. I believe in the rights to own and bare arms.
But I think it's ludicrous to think sending guns INTO school is a good idea. Not only is it a horrible idea but its almost as if your asking for another school shooting to occur!
First, I do not know one single teacher, aid, or administrator that would carry a gun at school. Think of a teacher. (usually) they are sweet, warm, good tempered, kind and helpful. Its not in a teachers nature to bring a gun into their classroom. I am not speaking for all teachers, I'm sure there are plenty that would carry a firearm at school. I'm just saying that with as many teachers that would carry a gun there would be 3x as many that would not.
Oh yes, lets ask our underpaid teachers to now add in more training and classes outside of work, as well as more expenses out of their owns pockets. Because if you want to be realistic there would need to be lots of strings attached. Each gun toting adult would need to be properly trained, and keep up on their certifications. Most likely have to attend more specialized classes. File and pay for a concealed weapons permit. Purchase a handgun. And require regular shooting practice, taking more of there non-existent spare time, in which they would then need a membership at a gun club. The list could go on.
Second, bringing guns INTO our schools is almost asking for a school shooting. But now lets give the suspect and endless amount of weapons and ammo. Walk into a new classroom, get a new gun! Genius! Come on, this will now also give that troubled student or adult the means to get a gun if they didn't have means before.
I also truly believe you would see an increase in the rate of school shootings. Most, if not all are premeditated. Could you imagine that student or adult being at school, already on the edge...something or someone setting them off, heck there's already a gun in the classroom, Furious and mad, who knows what they'd do. Crime of passion. No time for any logic to sink in or for any warning signs to alert people.
Remember I am pro guns! But this "solution" is just asking for it it to happen. You walk into a classroom and you would know where to get it and who had it. You might as well just leave it on the desk.

I will just come right out and say it. I am not religious. Do I have a problem with religion or what an individual chooses to believe in? No. To each his own. I have been educated and I very knowledgeable on Christianity in fact. But do I believe bringing God into schools will stop these horrible acts of violence? NO!
I actually believe bringing any religion into schools and teaching it would make the situation a whole lot worse.
Lets force something so touchy as religion onto our children and teens and watch them rebel more. In today's society people are more free to be true to themselves and believe in what they want. Religion is no longer required or scared into you. Most people I know who were forced into religion hate it now.
I do understand the point made by someone where they would say "if you look back in the day when religion was taught in schools there were no school shootings" I see your point, but that was a very long time ago. The same point could be made with abstinence and drugs, but its no longer realistic.
What is realistic is embracing change and individuality. For example, teaching abstinence is not realistic, you adapt and teach safe sex and give logical advice to protect our teens from things. But they will inevitably make their own choices and sometimes pregnancy and disease still happen.
I also understand that someone who believes in god will not understand why someone wouldn't. For anyone religious or non religious they believe that what they know and believe in is the truth and others are wrong. So how can we even make this argument when there would be so many others to consider. God is not the only thing people have the option to believe in. Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Judaism, Spiritual, Hinduism, why we would automatically choose, especially in today's diverse world, that one specific or more swayed religion be brought into our schools.

I do have a lot of opinions but what are my answers? I'm not sure there is one clear answer. In some cases better parenting was the solution, in others putting a stop to bullying would have been the answer, mental health is a huge factor, the list could go on. In the specific shooting of Sandy Hook Elementary we may never know. But I do feel a huge effort needs to be focused on bullying in schools and getting more resources, help and aid to those whom have mental health issues.

Arguing about Guns and God are not helpful or even a solution. I understand many people want something done or want to use energy and resources into an answer but we all have to understand that there is no clear or right one. Be aware, educate yourself and your children and have a plan for any shooting scenario and love your family, friends and kids every chance you get!

Inform your kids to contact a teacher or administrator if they see bullying at school or may possibly need mental health help, tell them it's "ok to ask for help!" There are also plenty of resources online and in schools!
Resource to help stop bullying:

Resource for mental health issues:

A came across a blog post via Facebook that was really helpful in understanding mental health and the effects that it could very likely have on people unaffected by it. Please read and share, it's really a great article.
Thinking the Unthinkable 

Love your children everyday and always kiss them goodnight~
Tonight I will also be signing my name only, seeing as these are my personal feelings and views. Thank you all and have a good night, hopefully I didn't piss too many people off ;)~

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Monday, December 17, 2012

Thank our Teachers!

With the tragic, recent Connecticut School shooting many parents are wanting to show their appreciation to the wonderful teachers that make it their priority to keep our kiddos safe!

 Here are some great ideas from last years Teacher Appreciation Week and the End of School Year Gifts! Make sure to follow the links below to see the tutorials or where to purchase these great gifts! 

Any of these would be great to say THANK YOU!
Show your teacher how great you think they are! 
Thank Them!

We can never thank our teachers, bus drivers, school administrators, and parent volunteers enough~
Bree and J
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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Schools Out: Cupcake Sundae's

This is our last week of Preschool, thought we would celebrate with some special treats for our amazing wonderful and caring teachers and the kiddos!
A soon to be feature here on Farm House Sisters will be Sweets Cupcakery, she did a fantastic job on our cupcakes for the end of the year! So sad schools almost the crazy summer months begin!!!
 Sundae tutorial from Alicia at Sweets Cupcakery to come soon! Awesome idea for a summer sundae party!!

Thank you so, SO, SOOOO very much to our wonderful teachers whom have helped nurture and care for our children all school year long....aka we know you are super awesome....but thanks for dealing with our crazy monsters ALLLLLLL YEEEAAARRRR LOOOOOONG! Enjoy YOUR summer break as well!!!
3/4's Class
Mr. Stu and Bradley
4/5's Class
Mrs. Deena and Coach Jenny

I LOVE sweets and our Sweet Teachers~    (I know, I know...I'm so corny sometimes!)
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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Schools Out: Gifts for Kids

I promised this post last week but fell behind due to NO INTERNET! BAAAAH! Anyway enough these cute ideas for an End of Year/Schools Out gift for your kiddos classmates! You'll find some really "smart" and "Kool" ideas!

 For those "smarties" of ours..."Good Luck Smartie Pants"

Such a "Kool" idea... "Have a KOOL summer" with silly straw and Kool-Aid.

So sweet and minty fresh "Owl Miss You" with gum packet.

You can "knot" be without this Knot Design for your older kids!

Great way to be "chill" with this Popsicle idea!

Stay "chill" and have the "Kool"est "Smartie" kid in class~
Bree and J

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Friday, May 25, 2012

Schools Out: Teacher Gifts

The end of the year is coming up very soon! In a matter of weeks now! My kids have no idea what that means and in fact will probably be devastated when there is no more preschool for awhile. Though I am in fact excited for the weather that is "supposed" to be associated with summer. Last year was awful (I was thankful though being 9 months pregnant) but this year I want swimming weather EVERYDAY!

Anywho......we don't want to forget those very special teachers that helped our kids all year long, put in countless hours before and after school planing, are underpaid and had to put up with (I'm sure...but it wasn't me) irate parents (lol). Here are the links to the great schools out gifts for teachers that are shown up above. 
You can also view our Teacher Appreciation Gifts from Teacher Appreciation Week.

Also look for:
Schools Out: Classmate Gifts
Schools Out: For Your Kids
to pop up this next week!
See a gift you liked up above? Follow these links to see the tutorial. 
Always wanna give love to those who actually made it first! <3
  1. Apple Milk Glass and Matching Card 
  2. I tried to track this one down, found the photo on Google images and LOVED simple and SO cute...but it was copied and pasted to many times and error only resulting when trying to track down the originator. Any way this cute apple and Thank You tag is very simple to do. Thin ribbon/twine, make a tag and tie to an apple stem and your done!
  3. Assorted gifts in a Soda Pop Box
  4. Sweet Strawberries Gift
  5. "You are sweet" Ice Cream Cup
  6. Root Beer appreciation gift
  7. For those of you who aren't crafty so much and would rather buy a cute crafted idea here is one:  Cute and Creative Teacher Gifts to Buy
  8. Even though this was originally a Christmas idea you can use the idea and just make a few changes for your teachers.... Christmas Gift turn to End of School Teacher Gift
  9.  Personalized Pencil Holder
  10. Another idea for those of you who aren't so these Adorable Magnets for your teachers!

Show your teachers some love~
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Thursday, May 10, 2012

15 Great Teacher Appreciation Gifts

UPDATED: With the tragic, recent Connecticut School shooting many parents are wanting to show their appreciation to the wonderful teachers that make it their priority to keep our kiddos safe! Here are some great ideas from last years Teacher Appreciation Week! Show your teacher how great you think they are! 
Thank Them!
1. Adorable Crayon letter Frame
2. "We're NUTS for our teacher" treat/gift idea
3. "Bear hugs for Mr. Stu from Bradley" treat idea: add teddy graham bears (you can also use gummy bears) to fold over sandwich bag, cut off fold, make tag with text and punch hole in tag than tie with ribbon. So simple!
4. "My teacher is AW-some" A&W pop idea
5. Quick and easy snacky M&M's and mason jar idea
6. You were mint to teach idea with altoid mints
7. Adorable chalk board planter gift
8. Inexpensive pencil frame for your teacher
9. Multiple cup idea's for your teacher
10. Cute and delicious apple and homemade dip gift
11. Quick and easy water bottle gift tag idea
12. Simple and cute "Teacher's plant seeds" theme planter set
13. Yummy We need "s'more teacher's like you" treat
14. We're stuck on our teacher" mason jar and glue gift: Fill Mason Jar with glue sticks and create or hand write "We're stuck on our teacher" text, then punch out with circle or decorative punch and hot glue to jar. To finish off tie decorative ribbon around top of jar.
15. Extra Gum and Gift Tag: Make a tag that says "The difference between an ordinary teacher and an extraordinary teacher is alittle EXTRA", you can either make on your computer and print or hand write out, punch hole in tag and string ribbon/twine through to tie. Place "Extra" gum into a fold over sandwich bag (cut off fold) and tie closed with tag.

Show your teacher some appreciation~
Bree and J

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Friday, April 13, 2012

DIY (for kids) School Project

4th Grade Project
Scrapbook Idea

 Use a slinky spiral shoelace to hold together a scrapbook for a school project. Easy for your child to do all by themselves and inexpensive.

 After Scrapbook is complete, punch a few holes as if it were going into a 3 ring binder, and feed your shoelace through. Simple as that!
Thank you Sam for the GREAT idea!!
Stay Creative~
Bree and J

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Saturday, March 31, 2012

This Weeks Pinterest Favorites


Pick you favorites from each board...lets see who picked THE best. A good ol' Jessi vs Bree friendly competition
 to see who has the top pick!
Please comment below on this weeks winner!

It's Your Birthday...Party

Jessi vs Bree


Jessi vs Bree

Healthy Habits

Jessi vs Bree
hahaha! Looks like we are both winners here!


Jessi vs Bree
Sometimes it's scary how much we think alike!!

Photo Opt Ideas

Jessi vs Bree

I'm Hungry

Jessi vs Bree
hmmmm...they BOTH look good to me!

Dear Santa

Jessi vs Bree
Jessi's was my 2nd pic...such a tough one to choose!

Dear Easter Bunny

Jessi vs Bree


Jessi vs Bree

Love to Design

Jessi vs Bree
Funny how it's both them both

Baby Album

Jessi vs Bree
Both are beautiful!

Home Sweet Home

Jessi vs Bree we need to find 2 of for each of us!

Mother's/Father's Day

Mommy vs Mommy
I'm sure any mommy would love either of these for Mother's Day

4th of July

Jessi vs Bree
I know what she'll bring to the 4th of July Party, lol, I'll be bring the same thing!

Be My Valentine

Jessi vs Bree

Giving Thanks

Jessi vs Bree
ok..this one there weren't very many to choose from

Falling for...Fall

Jessi vs Bree

Bounce into...Spring

Jessi vs Bree
LOVE them bad they wouldn't work well together

Winter Wonderland

Jessi vs Bree

Dig In The Dirt...Gardening

I think we both like how this is so smart AND so easy...oh ya and SO CHEAP!

Crazy Kids

Jessi vs Bree

Fun In The Sun...Summer

Jessi vs Bree
Alright Jess...I'll bring my Bubble Refill Station, come over, and sit on your gorgeous outdoor furniture that kids WILL NOT BE ALLOWED ON! LOL!
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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

School Registration!

While many families have Kindergarten Orientation/Round Up coming up in our community 
we also can't forget about Preschool Registration as well!

Most Preschool's are open for Registration now!!

Why Go To Preschool??
"For many children, preschool is their first experience in a structured setting with teachers and groups of children. It's an opportunity to learn to share, follow instructions and begin the foundation for learning that will occur in elementary school."
"As kindergarten becomes more academic, many parents look to preschool to launch their child on the path to success in school."
(Great Schools)

I personally want to be able to give my child the best start in education and I know I cannot help him Academically thrive at home. I am fine taking on the role of mommy, planner, nurse, disciplinary, chef, maid, etc...but teaching academics just isn't my thing and I don't want to be responsible for ruining my child's education! LOL! I'll help...but I just don't wanna be the "teacher". 

My oldest son's birthday is right after the cut off and being a boy I am glad he will be "held back". Being so I felt he was craving more than what our learning books could do for him at home. At the age of 3 he went to a "3's Preschool" class. The 3's class was only once a week and was perfect. 
When he started the 3's Class that was the only one around that I knew of...thank goodness I LOVED the school and teachers. I now am seeing many, many more options available for earlier education, like a 3's preschool class.
At the age of 4 he started at a local preschool (we moved away from the other one) he is in the 3/4 class where he has excelled! Next year he will move to their 4/5 class or "PreK" class. 
Most parents only enroll their children in a PreK type class. There is no need for the other classes but I feel personally they have helped my son significantly. I would say he's pretty smart and taking so many preschool classes has significantly helped him, where I couldn't. But I feel he needs the interaction with other children and "following the rules" more than anything. He is very..spirited...may have something to do with being a red head! LOL!

While choosing a preschool I looked for a comfortable environment. Did I like the teacher? Did my son? Was my son comfortable there? What is there curriculum? Rules and regulations? Safety and Security? Pricing is a huge thing as well.

Whatever works for your family and budget I highly recommend that you enroll your child into preschool to start their education off on a good foot. Some preschools also offer scholarships as well as some school districts working with the state offer an "Eceap" program that offers preschool to income eligible families. For information on early childhood educational programs search online for your local area and state. For Washington State: 

Photo's of our Preschool Days
First Day 2011

First Day 2011
Me too, me too

Bradley and his Teacher

Christmas Party

Squeezing all 3 preschoolers in...... worked! Yay!

On our way to class

Ally checking in her name

Fire Dept Field Trip

Fire Dept Field Trip
Happy School Days~
Bree and J

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