Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Girls Room: Part 2

So in between wrangling children and chores, I've been able to sneak away and make some progress on the circles in our main bathroom.  You can check out the before pictures from this post. 

I had to go back and re-pencil a few columns.  They got a little off towards the bottom but I think I've got it to where it won't be too noticeable.  Don't worry, I'll point it out! I ended up measuring out a grid to help keep the alignment.  The lucky thing is that I'm trying for an organic look to the circles instead of exact and perfect circles.

Here's a closer view.  The discolored spot is where the paint peeled off when I removed the shower curtain rod.  Nothing like additional paint touch-ups to prolong the project!

Another little project that I had been meaning to do was to clean up the shower head.  We rarely shower in this bathroom because there is no fan and the shower would spray in wonky directions.

The arm of the shower head is "hard-wired" into the plumbing behind the wall but the head easily comes off after un-screwing the band.

I used white vinegar and the container with a lid.  I've got kids and didn't want anybody knocking it over!  After soaking for 3 hours it was just about ready.  I was surprise it worked so fast!  For tougher build-up, I would soak overnight.


That's it!  I put it back on and it sprays straight, almost like new.  I'm really glad I gave the vinegar a try!

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