Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Jessi's Garage: Part 1

Yesterday we took ALL day to go through Jessi's Garage...its a place of dreams...a place of crafting...talking, fun, laughing and yes...even farting! LOL!
Our main goal was to sort and organize anything that we can use for our garage sale this weekend AND throw un needed things away! (Always hard without support...that's where I came in!)
We sure had fun!
Alright I know what this needs.....
...some chamomile tea.

Fun Stuff we found...
Hand made Homecoming skirt by Jessi's mom and grandma! So sweet!'s alittle!!!
 Weird...ODD...extremely narrow "cultural" shoes...I couldn't believe she actually bought these..they were so narrow not even a dolls foot could fit!
 I WANT this chair that she also happens to love! Boo!

Awesome Jars O Junk!
 Vintage Toys!!!
 Who needs and army stretcher???

 A bag of Barbie's...beheaded,  broken, missing limbs and plain weird...I'd say that's trash Jess! LOL
 A fur shrug for those practical cold winter days!
We all need a bald headed Cleopatra porcelain over sized doll head! 
How else would I see how my glasses  and hair bands match??

 I took a box home with me of junk that I wanted but the best thing I brought home was this scorpion for Bradley! He was so surprised and excited!!

Next is mine...bah~
Bree and J

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