Thursday, June 21, 2012

Etsy Crazed

Lately I've been Etsy CRAZED!!!
I go through stages...just like Ebay where I'm on all the time then off...well same goes for Etsy.
Here's my newest ADORABLE purchases that I am so insane excited crazy excited to receive in the mail! LOL! Who doesn't Love getting a package. I will also admit that I am Etsy crazed because of all the adorable things I can get for my little girl....sorry boys but nothing really thrills me like cutsie headbands. Love my boys!
My recent purchases from Cutie Butts Boutique
 These were on SALE 
 4th of July cuteness here we come!
Just had to have....wish they had a purple...hmm special order??

Here are a few of my other drool worthy things I would love to toss into my cart...

Visit Etsy Home Page to start your craze!
Etsy = beautifully handmade items for anything, anyplace and anyone!

Needing more moola to support my Etsy habit ~
Bree and J

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