Tuesday, June 19, 2012

alittle more LOVE

I was catching up on a few of my "summer" shows and the end of an episode of "America's Got Talent" completely blew me away and brought me to tears. 
Not only was this an amazing performance but an amazing moment for this contestant as well. It made me think back to a few people I didn't know but knew of going through high school and it made me feel sad. 
Sad that we can judge so early and so terribly. 
We as people all judge...especially us parents. Driving into Seattle I lock the car doors because the people around me I'm judging to be bad. This is all by looks. I don't know these people. But I will still to this day do the same thing because I'm a parent and I now worry about my children over myself. 
But because I am a parent I will make sure my children don't judge someone terribly wrong...like this young man was and is. We are all different, individuals, with unique tastes and likes. Whats interests me doesn't necessarily interest you. That's what makes us individuals. I feel very sad because I've seen young people like this boy being teased and judged. It makes me feel sad because it's wrong and hurtful and uncalled for.
 I think we all need to give and show alittle more LOVE. 
As parents it starts with us and I hope that everyone can agree. 

This is absolutely beautiful and takes my breathe away....enjoy...

To watch any of "America's Got Talent" episode or this one in it's entirety follow the link to NBC.com America's Got Talent.

All we need is LOVE~
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