Monday, June 11, 2012

McCarren Pool

Evie wants to fly to New York City.  Isn't that a strange request from a small town almost-5-year-old?  I asked her where she learned about New York and she claims from our trip on the plane.  I suppose I'm an influence too though because I had recently read an article in the New York Times online about this pool and showed her this picture from Pinterest.

via Pinterest
And I showed her all the pictures from the NY Times.  It's pretty amazing the amount of people in the black and white photo and then it's destruction and rebirth. 
via Google Image search

from Google Maps. Notice the compared to the school track!
What it'll look like all finished up.  Capacity is 1500 swimmers!

One of my favorite things to do when I'm researching about a place is to look it up in Google maps.  Obviously Google needs to update little since the pool is opening June 29th.  All Evie talks about is this giant pool in New York and how she's going there on her next vacation. :)
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