Thursday, June 14, 2012

Bachelorette Catchup


Week 3:
Well its make out time!....3 weeks in everyone is kissing...almost...poor Ryan is jealous! So kinda icky she's kissing SO many different guys while other ones are hanging out. LOL.

I did fall in love with Sean and Chris!
Sean kinda snuck up on me, Sean is so sweet, i do believe he would treat Ricky, Emily's daughter, as his own.
But I have always been a fan of Chirs' she is also so smitten with him!  I think he'll go very far! So far cant choose between Chris and Doug....we shall see!

Doug on the other hand impressed me more this episode and really hope he stays for awhile, seems like he can be SO good for her AND he's a father.

Ryan is disappointing me, "don't get lazy and fat cause I will love you but I may not love on you"....WHAT! He seems to be getting super facial(sp) and WAY to into himself! Your so cute Ryan...suck it up!

Loved how fun Jef had with the kids and thought it was adorable but kinda childish how he was telling her he has the biggest crush on her...but still so cute!

Felt alittle bad for Tony BUUUUUT you did sign up for this, I also thought it was funny that Emily kinda talks to him as a child..."sweetie" and "it'll be ok" she doesn't need to coddle him SO much...would he do the same?? I don't know. And then she did the right, best thing and sent him home. Alittle bitter sweet but i didn't think he'd be the ONE for her. Sorry Tony.

Arie on the other hand made a comment after receiving his date card...."i live in the fast lane and so far things are moving slow" (like he's bored) life is not always exciting and fast paced, it's the slow times and the quiet moments that sometimes matter the most! After there date I really am seeing that she is really "into" the race car driver, maybe she just has a thing for that. And I do hope that he proves me wrong but I feel there are so many other better fits that the sooner she lets him go the better because she's just going to get attached more and more. Whats the bachelor/bachelorette without them stringing you along and heartbreak. LOL. But he was so sweet after she sent Alessandro home. I'm so torn.

OHHH...Kalen please get sent home! Rude, rude, rude, too into himself, blah!

AND thank goodness "Shelly" is gone, BAHhhaahaa!

Poor Alessandro...not sure if that was a language barrier but I dont think either of them "got" that conversation...AWKWARD!

Rose Ceremony:
All I can think is WHYYYYYY is Kalon still here.....i think the show keeps on some "bad" guys to add more drama into the mix. BOO!
And who's Nate??
Bye Stevie, theres another lucky lady with moves like you out there somewhere.

Onto week 4:
Oh no....previews start off with and argument between Chirs and Doug....whats going on...they are casting both (more Doug) as kinda bad :(
Whoop...whoop lets go to Brumuda! So great to see they brought Ricky too and LOVED the scooter rally bit! Baaahahahahhahaaa!

While Doug was preparing for his date, he's super nervous, the guys teased him...and to me its funny...wish i could be there to tease him alittle too. ;) So sweet Emily wrote his son, Austin, alittle note back on a post card. I was worried at first when Emily started to drill him but I'm so happy he turned it around and she completley understood him and her faults really arent faults just like him. JUST Doug. :) Though "just Doug" you need to step up and make the first move and give her a kiss....OKWARD! LOL.

Onto the group date...
 Competition..LOVE it! Before it even gets started the 2 and 1 date card arrives...dududaaa...John and Nate...two guys I have no clue who they will go home and one will stay. Nate is cuter I'm rooting for him!
Her goes the race. Jef you can do it! Though I do like Charlie. Red team is winning...Yellow teams will it be.....and its YELLOW with the WIN! Ryan with your "WINNING" attitude you make it easier for me to not like you. Was Charlie REALLY crying over losing?? COME ON!
Jef like you like really like stop like saying like and like hanging out with you, even though you like hurt your like finger it was really like cute that you like said you really liked her. :) Your too cute Jef, even though you gotta like ditch using LIKE every other word.

OHH could just be in a sexy, romance story of a trophy wife...maybe he fits into the shades of grey books....your VERY goooood and what you do! LOL! He is funny though....kinda. Thank goodness he did shave that weird scruffy man beard. Then he starts with the role model bit and kinda putting her down...REALLY. WHO ARE you?

Time for the group date rose...I'm hoping JEF....yaaaaaa! She choose Jef, way to go skate boarder boy!

Two on one group date...
Just noticed John's nick name is "wolf" uhhh doesnt seem like a good name to would he earn THAT one???
Oh boys....age is just a number! LOL!
This is SO WEIRD...and OKWARD! Love the music they add to the stale conversation. Nates up first for some one on one time, thought the crying threw me off...I was expecting him to say something about someone dieing or something. Not that I dont like a sensitive guy but you dont know her. For me...alittle weird.
John. John seems more down to earth, relaxed, knows who he is. John it is with the rose. Now onto the rose ceremony.

Arie...I agree with you, Ryan is overly confident...I hope he gets knocked down to earth...reality check needed over here in Ryan land. WHOOOOOW Jef....ok....whats up with the socks dude...I'm all for being yourself and cool, off, fashion senses but the socks for me are MUCH. Arie's gonna rob Ryans date! Baaahahaha! Really Ryan...evaluating Emily...huh.
Oh Ryan your so cute but SO thick. What is Arie trying to do...suduce her...he's undressing her with his sexy eyes, sexy looooow voice and getle touches and leg stroking. Making me alittle uncomfortable. we see it...Bachelor the true Ryan comes out....uhhh Ryan ABC doesnt do Bachelor cause your arogant and ask for it. At least if them did I would watch. Alright trophy wives line up for Ryan's imaginary season! Please do us all a favor and LEAVE! (i'm sure some of you are laughing at me cause you know whats up and know what will happen, sorry I'm having to catch up!) Oh boy Doug and Chris are both misunderstanding each other. Not so worried anymore about the advertised blow up! You go Chris, I think you are ready to be a good husband and dad. :) But Chris thats not really what I think Doug was really meaning. Yes the older you are the more you usually have been through. WELL there was a blow up between Chris and Doug but I think still kinda misundertood and over exagerated...though Chris' comment about Doug being too humble does kinda ring alittle he really so amazing?? We'll see.

Chris Harrison (the host)
Who's not getting a rose???
Hmmm...after Emily's convo with Chris Harrison (the host) I'm wondering if Ryan will go home. Damn, Ryan stays another week. Ohhh Sorry Micheal. I just dont get why these guys always cry. Your almost worse than the women!
Moving on to...

Week 5 and then I'm caught up!
The gang goes to London. Makes me want to bring my kids there for some reason. SO interested after the previews...who mad the "baggage" claim???
Sean gets the first date card, we know Jef will get the other. Sean sure did sneak up on me...he's so sweet. The date they had was basically perfect...he carried her purse, pronounce his feelings about love and his hopes for it with Emily, all their wonderful pictures...lets just hope those pictures will be in their family memory book someday with their 3, 4..6...10 kids! Hahaha! Sean and Emily together just make me smile...they seem so perfect and adorable together. <3
Group date card arrives and Kaln's name was on it meaning that he is NOT on the next one on one date. He threw a fit like a big baby. I'm going to guess he's the baggage claim maker. But it does mean Jef (which we knew this from previews) is on the 2nd one on one. He's so cute but is there romance there???

The group date was hilarious! The men are acting, and having fun with it well all but Kalon. Kalon NEEDS to "rehearse", shooo Emily we need to rehearse! WHAT?!?!?! I do see more and more that Doug kinda freaks out alittle too much over not that big of deals. The date last week, acting, still not a bad trait but could be annoying. Not anything alittle counseling couldn't help with. BAH!! Travis is SO great and funny with the acting, he is a great dad waiting to happen! Arie was awesome too, the best parts went to the none romantic parts. LOL.
 I am also just now thinking, how much plastic surgery has Kalon had done...his face is kinda too well done. Lips, checks, etc...

 And then Ryan pulled off two kisses and it was very sweet and Emily was very surprised at how sweet and innocent compared to his cocky arrogant side. Hmm...maybe some counseling for him too. Hahahaaa!

Group date is winding down and she is kissing some people spreading some germs (sounds like she has a cold) And OHHHH Kalon, your are disgusting...just made a comment about "it's gonna be a great time with Emily when shes sick, tired, mother" GO HOME! LOVE, love, LOVE it that Doug decides to talk to Kalon, but before he takes off his jacket and rolls up his sleeves....LETS FIGHT! And here goes the DRAMA, sorry pretty boy, luxury salesman who ever you are, chopper Kalon your going HOME... to bad he can fly his own a** home. Wish he was forced to hitch hike.

Now Emily is doubting all the guys, the only one I don't understand is Doug DID say something, he didn't know about that comment until right then....I just hope she remembers that.
Jef's one on one...wait, wait two on one with Jean...."Aaaaalllllllways pourrrr in your tea befoooooore your milk." (you feeling my Ennnnnnnglish accent in that?? LOL.) Jef your so cute, I could have a fourth kid and you be him, alittle odd though that we'd be so close in age. ;) I hope Jef's shows her some romance, Go Jef, Go Jef, Go Jef! After some AWKWARD missed chances for a first kiss he finally made the move and in a very gentleman way kinda asked but not for permission to kiss her and no matter how funky and corky and funny Jef can be... watching them kiss made him more of a "man" and I'm sure beyond the silly exterior he should you say....he wouldn't "disappoint" Emily! AAAAhhaahahhahah! I crack myself UP!

Rose Ceremony here we go:
Ryan....not sure what to think...ugh...maybe he just had a bad man moment trying to be macho. But YOU keep an eye ON him Emily! Sean melted my heart again, was he one of my top?? To view what my original top 4 pics were follow this link to view The Bachelorette, My Top 4 Picks.

Final rose was up to Alejandro and Arie, I knew it would be Alejandro but I do think she saved the last rose for Arie as a point she was making to Arie...."you better have my back next time Arie"

Next Episode...
8 men left, don't know where Croashia (sp)
I'm gonna guess that Travis and Ryan will be on the one on one's but it looks like there's more DRAAAAMA! They portray possibly Ryan as a villain wanting to WIN Emily as his trophy wife...we all know it'll be Ryan...RIGHT?!?!?! Arie makes a move to tell her, to possibly earn her trust back and show her he does have her back. I'm gonna guess the rose ceremony gets put on hold half way through and she leaves and CONFRONTS Chris Harrison (the host) THAT would be a first! CANT WAAAAIT for next week!!!
They give you a peak into the rest of the season. They lead you to believe and you also see that some guys make it further beyond next week...those men being Jef, Arie, Chris, Sean, RYAN (or maybe they are leading us on and those are clips from next episode that they are throwing in to throw us off), one person I did NOT see that makes me sad is Doug :( but if he doesn't make it maaaybe he'll be the next Bachelor?? We shall see! Next episode is soon upon us!

Are you super curious about all of this and aren't a Bachelorette fan?? Don't worry on you can catch up on all  episodes by going to The Bachelorette and watch the video episodes from first episode to current. Bachelorette Marathon whoop whoop!

Preview Pics of Next Episode:
DAMN....look at the arm on Doug!

Always LOVE manly competition, gonna put my $$$ on Doug just  based on pure strength.

THIS looks like "fun" men, in skirts, riding donkey's??? I bet it's funny though!!!

LOVE my guilty pleasure TV~
Bree and J
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