Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Ikea or Bust

Yesterday's trip was awesome and a bummer at the same time.  It was my first to have all three kids be able to play at Smaland and since we are members of Ikea's Family, they got an extra 30 minutes to play.  That was pure bliss!  Looking at wine glasses without the whine is wonderful!  The bust part was not finding what I was hoping for. 

Smaland is awesome for my kids!
When we were moving into our home, we were approached by the brother of the lady who lived here and offered first dibs on a mid century style hutch.  Of course I got it and it happily lived in the living room for 3 years.  I use to store kid toys in the bottom part until the darling children discovered that they could CLIMB into it.  Since my china was in the top hutch part, I could just imagine the whole thing crashing down and being just a bad idea!  I swapped out the bottom for a old dresser and that worked but I pretty much just fell out of love with the whole thing and off to the garage sale it all went. 

The top, so cluttered!
 I filled the "hole" in the living room with a desk that I had re-done last year but I need shelves to hold all the stuff that use to be on top of the hutch.  I think I want the Lack wall shelves in black-brown but of course they were out of stock (grrrr) even though I checked before I left.  I also was thinking that I wanted some in white for my bathroom but they are too long for the space so basically I'm back to square one.  I did get a few things though, AA batteries, chalk, watering can, bag clips, new kitchen sink brushes and Kex biscuits.

The desk in the "hole" right now!
 I think I'm out growing Ikea, which I hate to say because I love going there but I'm finding that I'm drawn to better quality furniture.  I'm on the hunt for a taller hutch, a better console table (with storage) and maybe a coffee table (also with storage).

via Pinterest, floor to ceiling hutch!
I've loved the Hemnes series but in the store they are so rickety.  I need something more substantial so I'm not constantly worried that when the herd of children come through, my dishes won't end up on the floor. 
Hemnes Hutch
 Luckily it's the start of summer and there will be lots of yard sales happening!
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