Monday, June 18, 2012

Monday's are a reason for Bree to complain...

Last week I decided to was far time to find my nice digital camera to use for pictures for the blog and not the camera on my phone. While it is convenient and takes really decent long as you hold, once you upload and try to size it larger some photos get blurry and distorted...some don't. I need more reliability so ALL week I tried to find the camera. ALL I found was the cord you use to upload the photos and was SO irritated that I gave up the search. Thinking that I would soon need the cord I set it aside someplace I would remember. (have any idea whats going to happen??)

SO Saturday my phone went on the fritz. Found out that between the plugging it into charge its actually not charging. Sunday (Father's Day) after work my husband took it in...they were almost going to give me a new phone when they opened it up and said it looked like water damage....what the heck. So we can "pay" a $100 for a new phone, which is cheap in comparison to a new phone of it's kind, but we pay for insurance AND it's still a $100 bucks! I'm gonna have Jessi's husband look at it first or hope to dry it out. Not sure where the water would have come from.

Whooo getting off base here

SO LONG story short...I was EXTREMELY motivated to find the camera with all the stuff I was doing this weekend. FOUND it! AND the charger! But guess what??? That cord to upload photos I set somewhere I would remember.....well true to Bree....I CAN'T REMEMBER.....NOW I'M PISSED!

So my hoop decor and tutorial will have to wait until ANOTHER day. GRRRRR.....

I'm dead in the water here with no talking contact to the world (which is my worst possibly nightmare cause I LOVE to chat and chat alot I do), a camera that is almost pointless right now, a mind that is GONE....AND I want a glass of wine at 7:18 AM cause my mind, phone, camera and cord placement are so infuriating that I could use a glass to unwind. We shall see how the day goes.....

Rant, rant, RANT~
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