Tuesday, June 12, 2012

I'mmmmmmm Baaaack!!!

So good to be back!
Have the internet back I mean! And be back blogging!
Whew...watch out cause I've been doing TONS and with only the internet on my phone I have been having withdrawls!....Blogger withdrawls!
I have also missed out on a TON of my shows, thank goodness its "off season" and only thing I've really missed out on is the Bachelorette and America's Got Talent....but I'll be catching up soon and will definitely be putting in my 2 sense in on the Bachelorette saga!
Beyond moving with 3 kids and STILL unpacking there have also been alot of life lessons for me lately and though I do like to be open and honest with everyone there are some things that cant yet be shared.
Here's just a peak at the projects we've been doing..
SO happy to be HOME!
Boys playing on new swing set at 6:30 AM

Yard remodel fail

Campfire Celebration

Pallet fun!

Demo work

Easy and FUN outdoor craft

Field trip to the zoo...in the RAIN
So happy to be back~
Bree and J Pin It

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