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Monday, July 2, 2012

Pin Challenge Friday

*Happy Late Friday Pin Challenge!

This week's Pinterest challenge is:
Top pick of anything Red, anything White, and anything Blue item but not traditionally "Independants Day".  No fireworks, no fruit kabobs, or flags.
Three pins, three colors, who's going to win? 
Bree's Red via Fashion Pinterest Board
Jessi's Red via We Love Red board
Bree's White via Pinterest
Jessi's White via Pinterest

Bree's Blue via Pinterest
Jessi's Blue via Pinterest

Cast your votes!!!
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Easy 4th of July DIY

From living in the apartment and having NO storage space I had no 4th of July Decor AT ALL! I know, I know...horrible right! 
So I was alittle bored and decided to make something using what I had around the house. Patriotic fabric, raffia, jar lids, old wood wreaths, and good ol hot glue.

Baby food lids. I took the rafia and glued it in a criss crossing fashion then glued a fabic star cut out over the middle. Once star was placed a went back and trimmed the giving it a hair cut. LOL.

  I then did the same thing with white wide ribbon.

 And again with cut blue fabric scraps.

Jessi had these old wooden wreaths she had painted green. I took them (lol) and we had some metallic blue spray paint we covered the wreaths with. 
I also added little extras in with the star jar lids, just with plain scrap fabric, hot glue and other jar lids.
I then fastened all the wreaths together with white ribbon and hung them.
(thanks to Jessi and my indecisiveness) I later removed the top ribbon from design.
Annnnnd whaaaalaaa! I have myself a 4th of July Wreath/Door Decor!

Be creative~
Bree and J

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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Easy 4th Of July Decor

 Star banner - cut from tag board and sprinkled with glitter.
 Red Star Apple Stamp on White Burlap Garland.
 Stars and Strips Wreath by Blog: Capitol B
 4th of July Fireworks Pom Poms by Martha Stewart
 Pin Wheels in Sand for your Front Entrance
 Medallions by Martha Stewart
Firework Garland by Simplified Bee Blog

Start Decorating 4th is NEXT week~
Bree and J

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