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Monday, September 10, 2012

Heroes Mud Run 2012

WELL.... My friend Christa and I ran our mud run on Saturday and did awesome! We do wish there would have been alittle more mud but it was a BLAST!!!
Thanks for all the support!!!!
Before the race, all nice and clean!!!

And there OFF!!! First obstacle.....watered down gak!
LETS GOOO!!!! Whoop...whoop!!!
Last little bit!!

That pool was full of Pancake batter and TONS of water! YUCK! LOL!
Hero Mud Run, 5k and 15+ obstacles DONE in 34 min!!!!

My Friend Christa and running buddy kissing her clean hubby!
My hair is normally really dark but after the mud started to dry I looked gray. 
We donated our shoes to help people in need who don't have shoes!
Donated Shoe Pile
Staying Active~
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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Healthy Housewife: Week 2

Hope everyone kept up with their 3 workouts last week. I went on vacation and never did get a chance to follow up. Are we sore?? Your arms, legs and buns should at least be! Make sure your always stretching afterwards!!!! Everybody I'm sure LOVED those lunges with the axe chop! Though I'm sure even through soreness you should feel very proud of yourself for sticking to it and getting it done! The first few months will be HARD! But it gets easier and you really will see results if your determined and work at it!

To see last weeks workout follow this link to: The Healthy Housewife: Week 1 

This weeks workout:
1. The Hundred ( a great ad/core exercise that's Pilates based)
2. Plank on your elbows (if you need to move to your knees) 
Make sure to keep your butt down but not to sag your butt/back. Pretend as if your balancing a hot tea cup on your back....nice and flat. BREATH through this one!
 3. Chest Fly
Keep your tummy tight throughout this exercise it will help! You can even lift up your feet to add a little extra core workout into the move.

4. Figure Eights for Inner Thigh

Yup! You'll be staying on the floor! naps aloud!

The Hundred
Plank (30 seconds, make that SLOW counting)
Chest Fly 20 with 5lb weights
Plank (30 seconds, don't be a wuss)
Thigh Figure Eights 20 (only count one leg)
Plank (30 seconds, stick it out!)

REPEAT! 3x total!
Feel free to add or lessen weight on chest fly.
Make sure to BREATH during Hundred, Plank and Figure Eights!

Do this 3-4 times this week and add in a cardio day or two. This can include brick walking with weights, light jogging, biking, etc. It's nice get outside!

If you need any variations or help with anything comment below.

When you work hard your rewarded~
Bree and J
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Monday, July 2, 2012

The Healthy Housewife: Week 1

Week 1
For our first week back on the workout wagon we are going to start off with working out 3 times this week. You choose the day and time and your week is from Monday to Friday...NOT the weekend. You have 1 workout routine with a few variations for the 3 days. Next week will change.
From reading Summer Years Resolution you should already know what your calorie intake should be (from the calorie counter link) and you need to be sticking to it...the best you can. Use the "MyFitnessPal" to help you keep track/journal/log your calories daily. HINT: log as you consume...not at the end of the day. The first week or two can be difficult but push through it. You may notice your going over your calories the first week but you will start to figure out what you CAN eat that is lower in calories and what you CAN'T! HINT: if you like sweets, salty or chocolate buy some of the 100 calorie packs for your indulgent snacking. HINT: this one is obvious but sometimes you need a reminder...the healthier you eat (usually) the less calories...allowing yourself MORE calories to eat in a day. Be creative and take some will be sore this week if you've been doing nothing AND you will have a headache from crappy food withdrawls. LOL.



Lunge with Axe Chop:
Use a dumbbell for this and I would like you to raise it up higher...more like and action if your were "chopping" wood. LOL. HINT: when you lunge chop downwards ACROSS and over the leg that is lunging. Use a plain dumbbell, just starting off use one 5lb or two 3lb weights together...for more difficulty up the weight.

Standard Push Up (on knees):
Make sure you get a 90 degree angle in the elbow...if this means you go to your knees to do this correctly than there's no shame in going to your knees.

Captains Chair:
As you get better at this or to make the move more difficult move your butt towards the edge of the chair or straighten out your legs alittle for more difficulty.

Tricep Dip on Chair:
Make sure to dip down low, close to 90 degree angle in the elbow is ideal. If you can only dip alittle thats fine, you gotta start somewhere....just don't make excuses for yourself and PUSH YOURSELF!

Imaginary Jump Rope:
Just like you think...pretend your doing the school yard game but not actually using a jump rope....swing your arms as if to swing your rope around and hop with BOTH feet coming off the floor over the imaginary rope. If this is difficult alternate feet while jumping so there is always one foot on the ground at all times. To make this move more difficult jump with BOTH feet up higher.


Circuit 1:
14 Lunges with Wood Chop
20 Tricep Dips
Captains Chair (hold for 30 sec)
Jump Rope 30 Jumps

Circuit 2:
12 Lunges with Wood Chop
15 Pushups
Captains Chair (hold for 30 sec)
Jump Rope 30 Jumps

Circuit 3:
10 Lunges with Wood Chop
15 Tricep Chair Dips
10 Pushups
Captains Chair (30 sec+ challenge yourself to go as long as you can...once you reach that end point count to 5 then control the relax)
Jump Rope 30 Jumps

Try to go through this with minimal breaks, the more breaks you take the more your heart rate goes down to a none fat burning level.

For our first week this may be enough for you...but if you need some more repeat the 3 circuits.

What Bree would do: (lol)
Day one:
Do this circuit at home to become familiar with the routine. 
Use heavier weights...wood chop I'd use one 8 or 10lb weight.
Day two:
Do circiut outside while walking. Find a walking trail and walk with your 3lb weights. At certain intervales (or when there isnt anyone around, lol) start your circuit. For Tricep Dips, Captiains Chair and Pushups find a bench, you can do all these exercises using a bench. For the push ups stay on your feet and place hands on either bottom of bench (where your butt sits) or back of bench (where your back would rest) You do not have to add in jump rope as long as your speed walking. :)
Day three:
Do at home because you may be sore...if not head outside again if you can. If your sore than lower your wood chop weight. More reps less weight is best for women wanting to have long lean muscles not bulky building muscles. Working out outside the house is also so much better!

Keep in mind:
Everyone is different and at different levels. If this is too difficult cut it down alittle, same goes if its too easy..up it alittle. Make sure to stretch, drink water, and listen to your body when it needs a break. And stretch your whole body...not just what you worked out.

Feel free to ask questions!

I'll be updating and keeping tabs this week!

Have fun with it and grab a friend~
Bree and J
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Friday, June 29, 2012

Summer Years Resolution

SO.... I'm not sure all of you know this but I was/am a personal trainer. I worked at Bally's up until I had my daughter about a year ago. I love teaching classes the most...usually because it's more fun, less expensive for people and you gain friendships that can turn into a support system.
Since having my daughter I am now a full time stay at home mommy and blogger to you. LOL.

How did I become a personal trainer...
After giving birth to my middle child I weighed right about 180ish (and I'm 5'1")....and LOOKED horrible. I joined a gym near our house and arranged a workout plan. With my membership I got a free "assessment" I don't already know I'm out of shape... and a free personal training session as well. They were both a joke, my trainer was more out of shape than me and I just didn't feel I even needed his help...a little practice less preach mister. LOL. SO i just started reading up on things, workouts and figuring things out on my own. I'm a researcher....when i was pregnant I read every book, nursing, natural birth, and now personal training. A few people started asking for my help. I along with others were seeing results from my efforts. SO I got my text books and studied. Bally's hired me without being certified and I became a certified Bally's trainer shortly after. In a matter of less than 5 months I lost 50 lbs. That was going to the gym 5-6 days a week for 1-2 hours a day and eating right.

When I found out we were pregnant with our daughter I decided to splurge a little (after being SO strict for SO long).... turning into ALOT. HAHAHA! I craved sweets and desserts and donuts all the time!!! But no big deal I'll work it off after words....RIGHT?!?!?! I worked out all through my pregnancy but after I gave birth I couldn't bring all the kids to gym with me and I HATE doing it at home so I am now kicking it into gear yet AGAIN to loose Brooklyn's baby weight a year after her birth! LOL! I gained back 30 lbs and had wanted to lose 15 more lbs before pregnancy so my journey will total out to 45lbs and/or a good healthy/fit level.

The whole point in this post is I hope you will join me in my weight loss battle and follow along with the posts. Posts will include tips, training routines, healthy food/snack options, dieting tools, ideas, helpful hints and much more straight from a (fat) personal trainer! LOL! Posts will begin next week! Blog series will be called  "The Healthy Housewife".

Here are some tools you should have before you start.
Find out how many calories you need to consume each day to: maintain or loose your weight. Here is a great Calorie Calculator to figure out your daily caloric intake.
After you figure out how many calories you need to consume each day you can use "My Fitness Pal" this is no scheme or fade. It's just as system of recording what you eat (each amount of calories per item) and your exercise info. You can download this app onto your smart phone and even scan bar codes for nutrition info on food items. I'm not into diet pills, drink, drops, or any other "aid" in weight loss. I feel eating right and exercising is the best and healthiest for overall health and long term fitness and weight management. You want gotta work for it!

You have a weekend of free eating and being a lazy a** (LOL) and then we begin~
Bree and J

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