Monday, September 10, 2012

Heroes Mud Run 2012

WELL.... My friend Christa and I ran our mud run on Saturday and did awesome! We do wish there would have been alittle more mud but it was a BLAST!!!
Thanks for all the support!!!!
Before the race, all nice and clean!!!

And there OFF!!! First obstacle.....watered down gak!
LETS GOOO!!!! Whoop...whoop!!!
Last little bit!!

That pool was full of Pancake batter and TONS of water! YUCK! LOL!
Hero Mud Run, 5k and 15+ obstacles DONE in 34 min!!!!

My Friend Christa and running buddy kissing her clean hubby!
My hair is normally really dark but after the mud started to dry I looked gray. 
We donated our shoes to help people in need who don't have shoes!
Donated Shoe Pile
Staying Active~
Bree and J Pin It

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