Tuesday, September 11, 2012

9/11 revisited

I was awakened by our phone ringing and my first thought was "who the *&%# is calling me this early on my day off?".  It was my dad calling from Taiwan where he was on business.  His first words to me were "Are you ok?" and "Get up and turn on the TV, New York is under attack.".  I remember stumbling in my pajamas out to the living room with Dave asking what was up and we turned on the TV. 
The first tower was burning and the thick black smoke was billowing out like a roadside flare.  We stood there dumbfounded as the second plane hit.  Just like that, slicing through the building like butter with just a puff of debris exiting the other side.  The news anchors were in shock and confused, it took them a few seconds after me to realize that it was a second plane and not repeated video of the first account.
 I'm pretty sure both Dave and I said the f word, we were 21 and 22.  We stood there in our pajamas just mind-blown.  I didn't sit down until the first tower fell.  I didn't really sit, I sank to the floor and bawled my eyes out.  I was wildly exclaiming "The people, the people!  All those people!", as if Dave wasn't standing there watching all the same footage as me.  I couldn't believe my own eyes.  I have never felt so absolutely and utterly helpless in my life.  I sat there on the floor in front of the TV and prayed my heart out for everyone to escape the chaos.  The second tower collapsed and was just as heart wrenching as the first, maybe even more because you knew it was coming but still just as helpless.  I spent the entire day just glued to the TV. I remember taking the dog outside and how eerily silent it was.  Our town is small and quiet anyways but the silence of the planes that week was horrible and when I heard my first plane overhead it made my hairs stand. 

The small things in life simply changed.  That was the last time we used land line and phone in our home.  I remember walking my Dad to his gate at the airport and giving him a really good hug because he was headed out of the country and I was worried about him being so far away.  I have never written out this event before but felt compelled to have it somewhere for my children.  It's my "Where were you?" story, so where were you?  Please share your story no matter how insignificant you may feel your story is.  We will never forget!!!

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