Thursday, September 6, 2012

Nothing much and my latest stalker dream

I keep thinking it's Wednesday because Monday was a holiday and I had it "off"!  Oy Vey.  Getting the new routine has been a little bumpy :(.  Isn't that always the way?  So far we've had a successful week, getting to the bus on time and such.  I forgot my laptop at my brother's place so I'm having trouble getting the pictures from my camera on to my borrowed computer. 

So really, not too much going on around here.

I did have an amazing dream about the mother of all thrift stores.  It's one of my favorite recurring dreams, where all the freeways I've driven become one and brings me to what I think is the old look of the South Center Mall but in my dream we call it the Sea-Tac Mall (These are 2 very different and far from each other). And in the same parking lot (weird I know) is the "Giant Thrift Store".  There's no name on the building but you know what it is.  Warehouses full of furniture and housewares.  There's even one for clothing but I usually skip looking for clothes but the stairs for the furniture department are there.  

In last night's version, I was actually there with the Petersiks from YHL and I was star-struck.  I think they are the bees knees!  We rode there on an old school bus, John was driving and Dave was wondering where we where going but I knew as soon as we took the exit off the freeway.  I remember being bummed that we had gotten Evie a babysitter because Sherry and John had their adorable daughter with them and the girls would have played so well together.  Dave opted to wait in the bus as he hates thrift stores and garage sales lol.  

I find so many amazing things when I'm "there"!  One of the good finds towards the end of the dream was an octagon leather tufted ottoman that needed some work.  They wanted $100 for it!  It was big but falling apart and I was so mad that they wanted so much for it!  I actually threw it down and shouted that I was "sick of people charging so much for garbage!" and then woke up to the alarm clock.  Crazy! :)  Aren't dreams wonderful?  I would never throw furniture in real life or shout out the injustice of high priced used/broken furniture in public but it's obvious what my brain thinks of the whole thing lol.
Like this except octagon shaped. Pinterest

Bus fumes and outrageous prices,
Jessi and B
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