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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Oldie but Goodie...Photos

1993 called, it wants it's scruchie back.  I am still friends with some people who knew me back then, how you let me walk the halls like that?! and YOU call yourself a friend!!
I actually really liked my red dress with it's puffy sleeves and the deep V collar with the lace applique.  The faux mullet hair-do however was unfortunate, thanks mom! ;)
The only known picture where all four members of my family are present.  My brother is in a infant carrier on my dad (yes, nearly invisible .. lucky for us he WAS able to breath in that contraption they called a "baby carriers" back then) and we got to sled down the hill with a plastic garbage bag.  We had been camping but I often had the crazy un-tamed hair on regular days as well.
The only proof that I once was a member of the drill/dance team in high school during the winter sport season of 1995.  You can still get those tights in that color that make you look like you have oiled your sunburn...slick, shiny...ooooohhh yeah! ;)
Here I was a peasant girl in a dance recital.  Somewhere there are more awesome outdoor shots that were taken in my backyard...of me frolicking through the meadows collecting flowers...over the river and through the woods to grandmothers house I go! COL!

Oldie but goodie memories~
Jessi and B
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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Tail-wagging Ending

Anyone who knows me, knows I love me a good blog, a cute dog, and a good story.  Here's a quick run-down of the story of a cute dog on a blog.  I'll try not to rhyme anymore :).
Bye Bye Pie's Puppy
There's this blog I like to check in on everyday, Bye Bye Pie.  The gal is funny, there is some language if you are sensitive but overall it's worth it for the "pet-speak".  She is a huge animal lover and blogs about real life.  Anyways, while she was in her local pet store, someone left a puppy in a box in her car.  She can't keep the puppy because she already has a full house.  The lady was interviewed on the local news and a new home has been found.  I'll let you read up on it here.

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Thursday, October 4, 2012

January 25th, 2013 BOOKED!!!

We will be busy on this day because YOUNG HOUSE LOVE will be at the Tacoma Home & Garden Show signing books on their tour and we WILL be attending because of my obsession with YHL.  Remember that I dreamed about them here
Seriously stoked!
In other important news, I am still around.  Just kicking butt at being a mom/sitter for the most part.  Our household downsized-upgraded to one vehicle.  Yep, the "Xbox" and the "Grandpa Truck" were traded in on a new-to-us 2007 Ford F-150, King Ranch edition.  I am in LOVE!  Look at the seats and the white gauges!  *Sigh*. random...but here's my mantle. 
Just felt like being a smart-@$$ because everyone else in the blogosphere is posting
awesome pics of their Halloween decor. 
Can you tell I'm in a mood? :) 
So I'm around and I've got stuff to do so see you later!

Winky Face,
Jessi and B

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Monday, September 24, 2012

First Day of Kindergarten for Evie

Here's my little ham on her first day of school.
I had left my laptop at my brother's over the Labor Day weekend so I'm behind in my posting.

We took like 15 different pictures, these were my top 3.  Sometimes I cannot get my kid to look at the camera and hold still at the same time. :)

This one is the most realistic of her personality!

On the Bus. 
Riding the bus is probably the highlight of her day.

Showing off her pencil box.

So far she is loving kindergarten.  It took a couple of weeks for her to get settled in, you can't tell from the pictures but she is a bit of a wallflower.  She's made a few new friends and likes having hot lunch every other Friday.  Her favorite thing is playing at recess, of course!

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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Nothing much and my latest stalker dream

I keep thinking it's Wednesday because Monday was a holiday and I had it "off"!  Oy Vey.  Getting the new routine has been a little bumpy :(.  Isn't that always the way?  So far we've had a successful week, getting to the bus on time and such.  I forgot my laptop at my brother's place so I'm having trouble getting the pictures from my camera on to my borrowed computer. 

So really, not too much going on around here.

I did have an amazing dream about the mother of all thrift stores.  It's one of my favorite recurring dreams, where all the freeways I've driven become one and brings me to what I think is the old look of the South Center Mall but in my dream we call it the Sea-Tac Mall (These are 2 very different and far from each other). And in the same parking lot (weird I know) is the "Giant Thrift Store".  There's no name on the building but you know what it is.  Warehouses full of furniture and housewares.  There's even one for clothing but I usually skip looking for clothes but the stairs for the furniture department are there.  

In last night's version, I was actually there with the Petersiks from YHL and I was star-struck.  I think they are the bees knees!  We rode there on an old school bus, John was driving and Dave was wondering where we where going but I knew as soon as we took the exit off the freeway.  I remember being bummed that we had gotten Evie a babysitter because Sherry and John had their adorable daughter with them and the girls would have played so well together.  Dave opted to wait in the bus as he hates thrift stores and garage sales lol.  

I find so many amazing things when I'm "there"!  One of the good finds towards the end of the dream was an octagon leather tufted ottoman that needed some work.  They wanted $100 for it!  It was big but falling apart and I was so mad that they wanted so much for it!  I actually threw it down and shouted that I was "sick of people charging so much for garbage!" and then woke up to the alarm clock.  Crazy! :)  Aren't dreams wonderful?  I would never throw furniture in real life or shout out the injustice of high priced used/broken furniture in public but it's obvious what my brain thinks of the whole thing lol.
Like this except octagon shaped. Pinterest

Bus fumes and outrageous prices,
Jessi and B
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