Thursday, October 4, 2012

January 25th, 2013 BOOKED!!!

We will be busy on this day because YOUNG HOUSE LOVE will be at the Tacoma Home & Garden Show signing books on their tour and we WILL be attending because of my obsession with YHL.  Remember that I dreamed about them here
Seriously stoked!
In other important news, I am still around.  Just kicking butt at being a mom/sitter for the most part.  Our household downsized-upgraded to one vehicle.  Yep, the "Xbox" and the "Grandpa Truck" were traded in on a new-to-us 2007 Ford F-150, King Ranch edition.  I am in LOVE!  Look at the seats and the white gauges!  *Sigh*. random...but here's my mantle. 
Just felt like being a smart-@$$ because everyone else in the blogosphere is posting
awesome pics of their Halloween decor. 
Can you tell I'm in a mood? :) 
So I'm around and I've got stuff to do so see you later!

Winky Face,
Jessi and B

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