Tuesday, October 9, 2012

"KEY" Problem

Bree's Work Area...well the computer work area...;)
To the far left is of coarse my coffee...you won't find me without coffee!!! Then is my older but new to me computer that has editing software and the burning capabilities for my photography. This computer though has a security/internet connection pronblem that I need to have my "sister wife's" husband fix ;) And all the way to the  right is my trusty old side kick. With the editing software I'm comfortable with and my internet connection.
As you can see my keyboard is missing a few "key" components. LOL. Thanks to my beautiful children!
The one main problem I was having, was my fingers were starting to get raw from hitting the nonexistent "I" and "O"....do you know how many times when typing you need to type those letters!?!?!  
So I followed the advice of a friend of mine and took some not so common letters and replaced the "I" and "O" with them! 
 Removed my "V"
I also had to take off the little rubber stopper off from where "V" was and place it in the new "I" letter spot. This rubber stopper pushes the key back up after typing on it.
Push the letter down, somewhat hard.
AND whalla! 
I now have and "I" and "O" key! Replaced with a "Z" and "V".

Ya,I know my simple "key" problem post is dumb but I was uninspired and exhausted, lol~
Bree and J
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