Monday, October 8, 2012

Spooky Spiders

The kids and I did a little Halloween decorating.  I was inspired by Pinterest of course! It was pinned from Ms. Stewart and the tutorial is here.
Martha Stewart's Spider Nests
Instead of styrofoam eggs (who can find those easy this time of year?!), I used 3 bunched-up plastic grocery bags into one grocery bag to make a ball.  I also just hole punched a bunch of dots and irregular shapes out of black construction paper and tucked them down inside of the stocking with the stuffing for the inside spiders.
Our Spider Nests
I bought knee-high stockings from Walgreens.  They are the kind in the little plastic containers like the ones you get from the candy machines, and were only 50 cents a pair.  For $2.00 we have 8 stockings.  The spiders were also from Walgreens and I bought 2 packs for $1.99 each.  They were orange and  black spider rings with the ring part cut off.  I only used the black spiders and there are 7 spiders per nest, 3 on the inside and 4 on the outside.  The spider webbing is $3.99 at Walgreens and I bought one package and the leaves are from nature :).  That's how for less than $10, you can have some spooky spiders!
Plastic bag ball tutorial

Get four bags together.

Bunch them up together,
into one bunch.

 Put your one bunch into the remaining bag.

Make a ball shape and twist the bag under the ball shape.
I generally do one twist.
Then open the bag below the twist and wrap it around the ball shape.
Twist one more time below the ball shape. By now you should only have the handles left with maybe a little bit of bag.
Wrap those handles around and tie in a double knot on the other side of the ball shape.
The finished shape is a little larger than a baseball but smaller than a softball.  I'm sure you could experiment with more or less bags for a more compact or larger/smaller ball.
I hope that helps!  Link up your own spooky spiders on our Facebook page!
Spider webs in your face,
Jessi and B

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