Monday, September 24, 2012

First Day of Kindergarten for Evie

Here's my little ham on her first day of school.
I had left my laptop at my brother's over the Labor Day weekend so I'm behind in my posting.

We took like 15 different pictures, these were my top 3.  Sometimes I cannot get my kid to look at the camera and hold still at the same time. :)

This one is the most realistic of her personality!

On the Bus. 
Riding the bus is probably the highlight of her day.

Showing off her pencil box.

So far she is loving kindergarten.  It took a couple of weeks for her to get settled in, you can't tell from the pictures but she is a bit of a wallflower.  She's made a few new friends and likes having hot lunch every other Friday.  Her favorite thing is playing at recess, of course!

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