Tuesday, September 11, 2012

They called me a what?!?!?!!

Yesterday I was at the gas station. I had the two little ones in the car and was on my way to pick up Bradley from school. After walking back from the cashier I overheard a group of 3 teenagers talking....

Teenage Boy1: "YEAH!!! Did you see that MILF on pump 2!"
Teenage Boy2: "F**k YEAH...I'd hit that anytime!"
Teenage Boy3: "What pump! I didn't see her"
Teenage Boy2: "Over at pump 2, tight black pants, work out stuff........"

That's when they noticed I was walking right by them and they shut up right away. At that moment I was just disgusted that these little boys would talk that way about a mom. More so, I was sick to my stomach that MY boys would someday be talking that way as well! They were BABIES once...still are!

I walked back to my pump, a mere 15 feet from them, grabbed the nozzle and realized I was at PUMP 2!!!!
OMG! OMG! OMG! Those boys...someones babies and still babies were talking about me!!!
All I could do was laugh! It took all I had to not double over in laughter!
I instantly went from OMG...how gross to...should I take that as a complement???
It's still unnerving to have a young BOY look at you that way BUT I have been working my a** off getting into better shape that I did slightly enjoy the compliment. I won't lie. LMAO!!!

I saved the BEST for last though. They climbed back into their car and as they drove past me to leave, totally embarrassed, I put a big smile on my face and waved! Hahhahahahaaa!!!!
Have a good day BOYS!
Ya, ya I know...I'm so awful! But it was the funniest thing ever! Why not get a kick out of it!

Always looking at the positive side of things (LMAO!!!)~
Bree and J

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  1. Omg that is sooooo funny!!!!! I say compliment :) when you work as hard as you do to get in shape and your a mild. Wayyyy to go!!'! :)


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