Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Back to our regular scheduled programming

Happy Back-to-School day!  Most schools in our area are getting started today and lots of us are looking forward to getting settled into a nice routine.  Today is also the first morning that I was actually thinking about how much I'm looking forward to Fall!

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My family enjoyed the last long weekend in Ellensburg for the Rodeo and County Fair.  We've been going for the last few years and it's never disappointing.  I love all the Wild West Patriotic-ness!  We definitely need to invest in some of those bleacher seat cushion things with the backs though.  The Ellensburg Rodeo is one of the last stops before the giant huge rodeo in Las Vegas.  I don't know anything about rodeos :).

With everything getting back to normal around here (schedule wise), we should be getting back to Pinterest Challenges and Health Housewife posts among other fun stuff.  I've been working on a few projects that I haven't shared yet! :)  Also, today is Evie's first day of School too!

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