Friday, September 7, 2012

10k and 10 Resolutins

Well me MUST be busy because neither Jessi nor I realized we are now well over 10,000 views! It's been only 6 months and I am amazed at how far Farm House Sisters has come!
With well over 10,000 views I think we should make 10 resolutions for the next 6 months!

Bree's 10 Resolutions:
1. Don't worry about what other people think SO much. Constructive criticism is great but don't make decisions based on what others will say or think.
2. Try new things. My marriage is over and I don't know what I like to do, or eat, or think by myself. I'm going to try new things, new foods and center myself back to BREE.
3. Run farther...prepare for my 10k on Thanksgiving.
4. Try forgive more...but never forget.
5. Expand our variety of post content.
6. Try not to let life keep me away from posting. (i feel its almost therapeutic sometimes to post, but I haven't been so regular about my postings these days)
7. Craft more...WAY more!
8. Paint my bedroom furniture I was never "allowed" to paint. =D
9. Pass along my GREAT Karma that has recently come my way...over and over again!
10. Be less judgmental...if not at all.

Jessi's 10 Resolutions:
1. Lose some weight, go from large to medium.
2. Get this blog rockin' and rollin'! :)
3. Make all my Christmas gifts by hand.
4. Spend less time online and more time with the kids.
5. Holding out for what I know I want instead of settling for "good enough".
6. Going outside! Even in the rain. :)
7. Supporting our local business downtown and volunteer in my community.
8. Growing my Camp Fire family!
9. Getting some me time, every week.
10. Be a Force to be Reckoned with!

The last 6 months of this blog has already been such a journey for us!  We are already changed women with changed families and goals.  Thank you for your support and for reading our crazy adventures.  We have a lot of fun hanging out on this blog.  We couldn't do it without you!!!

Hugs and Kisses!!!
Bree and Jessi

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