Monday, August 6, 2012

Just checking in

Hello all!  Just checking in as we prepare to return to our regular posting schedule.  We've been busy, mostly dealing with the roller coaster that life gives us, but also with summer living with kids.  We just has a super hot weekend.  This as been a cool summer (temp wise, lol) and we just jumped up about 20 degrees into the 90's.  It's Hot.  My husband's LARGE family had our family reunion this last weekend too.  We were away from our air conditioning that we only get to use one month out of the year.  

As you can see we are back down to the 70's. The heat had me looking to Pinterest for some stylist updos for my hair.  The most repinned was:

Via Pinterest from my sis-in-law.

I have yet to try it with my curly hair but it seems simple enough. 

Via Pinterest
And I would love to be able to pull this one off but I can't make my arms go backwards, lol!

Via Pinterest

This one I have tried to do with a chopstick but it just doesn't look quite like the picture.  Upon reviewing my Pinterest board, it seems that maybe I should get some bangs.  Most of my board hairstyles include some awesome and luscious bangs.  Oh well! :) 

Sweaty hugs and salty kisses,

Jessi and B
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