Friday, August 24, 2012

Kindergarten Countdown: 12 days

On the twelve day before school starts, my true love said to me, "You're not done shopping yet?!"
Haha, nope but almost!  We are now getting ready for all the extra-curricular activities!  In the spring, I let Evie decide if she wanted to play soccer or dance ballet.  We already participate in Camp Fire and I think two activities are plenty!  She chose ballet so we will now be immersing ourselves into the local arts! 
Evie at the Dance Collect the first time we tried ballet.
I use to dance, as a hobby~before children, and I really enjoyed the camaraderie of the backstage crew.  I often volunteered to be a runner during the recital and holiday production.  That means I would be just off stage awaiting the cue to run down the hall and get the next performers ready to go on stage.  It's the best seat in the house! 
She is 3 and crying because I insisted she try everything on.
I also use to work in a dance shop, The Dance Collection, in Federal Way.  The are in the last two days of THE sale so you should act now to get discounts on supplies!  It's their annual sale where "the more you spend, the more you save"!  I should know better than to wait so late in the week to go but we've been so busy this week, this has been the only day I have to go.  So yes, I am going to brave the crowds and bring 3 kids just to get one shoes, leotard and tights she needs. 
Typical.  I love you Evie!!!
Evie is enrolled at The Ballet Workshop because that's where I use to dance.  Ms. Syble is amazing and I trust her to teach my daughter.  Her studio is traditional where you as a parent, are not allowed to be IN the classroom. That is a perfect thing for us as Evie will just cry and want to be in my lap but if I'm out of sight, I'm out of mind and she is perfectly fine. 
Won't even smile after getting candy.  These pictures make me laugh!
We did a class through our local parks and recs.  I would recommend it if you want to try it out before committing to a studio.  Our program was 8 weeks and they had a little recital at the end.  She had lots of fun.  It was held in a large gymnasium and the parents stayed and watched.  Evie would just cry and cry.  It was horrible for me lol.  So I would sit outside on the porch, in the cold because it was November and all the other parents would tell me that she was wonderful.  I didn't even see her dance until the recital! :) 
At the recital.  All smiles!
The funny thing was she loved dancing and I've just been waiting to get her going because of my experience as a parent lol.  When she was crying during the lessons, it wasn't because I was forcing her to be there.  She wanted to be there but sometimes she is so shy, she just cries.
So go forth, get your kids active in something!  There are tons of things!  If you have any questions regarding dance or Camp Fire, leave a comment! Also too for soccer because Bree is an actual Soccer Mom. Bradley is soo cute on the field :).
Tutus and Grass Stains,
Jessi and B
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