Thursday, August 16, 2012

Evie's Swing Set: Part 2

It's Up!  It's safe! It's hot!

We are hitting super hot for us here in the foothills.  The weather people are saying 92-95 but that they wouldn't be surprised if we get to 100!  Ahh, finally it's summer and just in time for us to be getting ready for back-to-school!

There's a few things left to do before I can say I'm done with the swing set for the summer.  One is giving it a good power wash and re-staining it.  The stain I have needs about 3 to 4 days to cure before you can be sure it won't rub off on to you.  Yeah, how am I going to keep 3 fun-loving kids off a new big toy in this heat?

The girls are all moved in!
Another is replacing the tarp.  I have the original but it's definitely not going to work.  I kind of like having it off, it makes for more of a look-out style fort.  Having the roof on would make it seem more castle or house like.

Our view from the top of the swing set, showing the haze from the Taylor Bridge Fire.
My total so far for this project is:

$50 for the swing set from Craigslist
$46.20 for new hardware
$7.74 for yellow spray paint
$5.92 for new base boards
= total of $119.86 (before taxes)

Not bad considering you can't even get something new for less than $200!  I love being thrifty!  What projects are you hoping to finish before the end of summer?

Stay hydrated!
~Jessi and B

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