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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Half a years photography

It's been half a year since I started dabbling into photography! And BOY OH BOY have I learned a TON! The craziest thing is that there is still a TON more to learn!
 I feel like I've just hit the tip of the ice burg but I am so EXCITED to learn more, grow, experiment and meet knew people all while taking their photos!
There's something about that ONE shot you get that hooks you!
Capturing a moment that will last there anything better?!?!
Here are some of my favorites within the last 6 months!

{Grab your camera and just have FUN! ~Bree and J}

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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Oldie but Goodie...PHOTOS

Look what I found while packing...
Happy 1st Birthday Bree!!!
My mom thought it was a "genius" idea to blow out my hair...the brush it after it was dry.
YA...damn straight I can rock a fro!
*sigh* I still love you mom even though I HAVE NO clue what you were THINKING!!!
My mom and I!
Too bad Brooklyn was too big for that swim suit! LOL
I would LOVE to do a reenactment of this shot...20 year later! Find me some heart shades and we're ON!
"Whaahoooo...I'm SO AWESOME!"
And then they grow up...

Now to find some of Jess, BAHhahhaha~
Bree and J

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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Ocean and Photography FUN!

**LOTS of photos**
Last Monday we went to the OCEAN, Ocean Shores to be exact. Spur of the moment and it was a blast! I had wanted to take the kids for EVER but never did. Well I packed out bags, grabbed Christa to tag along and off we went!
We decided to stop off at a park to go potty and have lunch.
On out way to the park I pulled over to take in some beautiful scenery and have some photography fun! Enjoy!

 We never did find the park, we followed the signs I swear! But getting lost has never been so fun! So we decided to pull over have lunch and I walked out and took a 360 degree view at the wonders around me...yes for some more photography fun! LOL!


We had SO much fun for really hardly any money. Put $40 in the gas tank and spent $3 on ice cream, packed water, snacks and lunch. SO happy we finally made it to the ocean! :) I also ordered a hood for my lens (a couple bucks off ebay) after these pictures and how bright they were. It was SO warm and sunny we sure lucked out!
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