Thursday, March 22, 2012

Easter Eggs....not your childhood ones!

Keep in mind I'm not THAT old....but decorating your Easter Eggs have come a LONG WAY! The days of the copper handle dippers and food colored cups maybe still in for the kiddos but if you want to decorate in style the old eggs are out and these new eggs are in!

Hand painted

New meaning to your golden egg

Fabric Eggs

Hand Stencil Painted

Eggs for your kiddos

You cant pull THIS out of your fridge

Yarn Eggs, use to hang or place in basket as a center piece, let your creative mind flow

Hang from your table cloths or mantel

String Wrapped eggs

Like these ideas?? Look to our Pinterest Page for the link and more!

This year, due to possible moving plans I myself will be lucky to do the food coloring, finger dipping/finger dying (cause the eggs NEVER sit nicely in thos copper handles) Easter Eggs. But next year you better WATCH OUT!
I'll make Jessi do the fancy ones! LOL! Unless she's helping me move. ;)

Egg Craft Away~
J & B
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