Monday, May 7, 2012

Handmade with Love: Mother's Day Card

My Grandma gave me this card for Mother's Day..she goes to card making classes with her girlfriends and also creates them herself. I loved this one!!! 
She added a detail on bottom of top page of card, its been forever since i "scrapbooked" so i don't remember what its called but she rolled it through a thingy that cut the paper to add the scalloped edge and then she "browned"/"aged" the edge with an ink pad. (i think, lol) Then place a main, designed piece of paper over the top as your base design to create off of.
Add ribbon accent then glue/tape embellished card stock over ribbon...card stock overlaps ribbon.

Glue/tape down "MOM" scrabble letters to shaped accent then tape shape with foam tape to add a "lifted" 3D feel. 

 Butterfly Detail
Butterfly Die Cut, glue/tape down only the center on back to be able to lift wings and give butterfly a 3D effect. Add a ribbon bow for accent.

She always adds a stamp detail inside card for a little extra touch.

If I come over and your missing scrabble letters I'll be happy your using them to craft! LOL!

Happy Mother's Day Card Making Fun~
Bree and J
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