Thursday, May 10, 2012

Honor a Mom: Thursday

Honor A Mom: Thursday
Mary Olsen
I just wanted to share a special mom with you today.  My dear friend and mentor, Mary Olsen!  She has spent the last 25 years with Camp Fire and is retiring this June, *sob* but I know she'll continues to inspire me to be the best person I can be.  She has practically held my hand through all the events I've planned and volunteer for during the last 5 years that I've been involved with Camp Fire.  Her voice is in my head when I see good deeds that need doing!  She's the best at resolving issues and keeping with tradition all the while keeping everyone's feeling safe.  Her camp name is M.O.M., for Mother of Many and has been mine for the better part of my adult childhood.  There is always room in her heart, even though she is a mom herself and a very busy woman, she still has time to help less privilaged children enjoy Camp Fire, helping more than 100 people become involved where normally they could not afford to!  She shares the best stories and has the largest of hearts.  You'd think I would have pictures of her but of course like most mothers, she's behing the camera!  So instead I'll include pictures of Camp Sealth!
Color Guard retiring the flag.
From the beach looking south-ish.
From the beach looking north-ish.
Making S'mores!
Inside Rounds Hall
Close up look at the shields.
  For more information on our Council, Click Here!
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