Monday, May 7, 2012

Honor A Mom: Monday

Honor A Mom: Leading up to Mother's Day we will honor some very special and extraordinary mom's out there. All mom's are wonderful and I sure hope everyone honors their own mom this coming Mother's Day.

We start off our week of Mom's with a very special one. 
Jessi has followed her blog longer than I have but I am a HUGE fan of her blog now. And I'm just a HUGE fan of her...Jessi will agree with me. LOL.
Here is a brief overview of her story. 
Her name is Ashley, she is a wonderful wife...has a wonderful family...she is a mom. 
She has cancer.

She blogs daily about it. She calls it The Cancer Chronicles.
October 2011 she found out she had cancer. Starting in her uterus spreading to her liver, lungs and then regrowing in her pelvis after she had an emergency hysterectomy. Due to extreme chemotherapy and severe hair loss she decided to cut off her hair in January 2012. Her journey has been amazing, sad, cheerful, funny, moving and inspiring.  Please feel free to follow her blog, Lil Blue Boo, it is not only about her journey but about crafting, sewing, tutorials, family, kids, and life, LOVE her....she is wonderful!!!
Here is her video of her cutting her hair....the week before she was to shave her head her mom got her hair cut (Mom's Hair Cut) so her daughter wouldn't have to "go first". We should also be counting her in today's Honoring a Mom post.
"A Rite of Passage" video. (grab some tissues!)

To read the whole blog post of that day follow here to "A Rite of Passage (a video)"

Through everything she has gone through her motto is to "Choose Joy"
We love you mom's~
Bree and J

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