Monday, May 14, 2012

Taking a "sick day"

We'll be taking a "sick day" today...LOL!
For me at least the weekend was super busy, not really relaxing. With so many things to get done at my in-laws new rental house (aka our new house, lol) I am about frazzle fried out! And Jessi is days away from Disneyland with her family and probably packing like a fool! That we decided to take a "sick day" from blogging and enjoy the beautiful hot sunny day we are going to have today!
You can look forward to some awesome "in progress" photos of the house, sisterly conversation, and more this week!
I just cant wait to move IN and OUT of this tiny apt!!!
Go enjoy the day...don't tell your boss that I'm encouraging you to take a sick day too but by all means join us!
I don't "feel so well"...I think I have the fun bug~
Bree and J

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