Monday, May 7, 2012

Up late...Again...

My mind is always working...figuring out the next thing...planning ahead...WAY ahead and figuring out my next genius move! LOL! I always hate staying up late dreaming and thinking and planning...yes it is fun but i will never get this sleep back and my kids have NO sympathy and theres only so much coffee can do...and yet I'm still talking to blogger land.
Anyways, I've been thinking of adding alittle more personal touches weekly. The blog view response has been wonderfully AMAZING and taken off quickly! We are so excited to really start working on some awesome things! Can't make any announcements yet but it's super fun for us so it of course will be super fun for you! So beyond our feature of the month and our normal blogger blogging for you we will be letting you into our lives in hopes that you can get to know Jessi and myself better. We both think you'll REALLY like us! ;) LOL! Talk to you soon! Get some sleep will ya! ;)

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