Tuesday, May 22, 2012

House: Before and In Progress Photos

First things first.....Bye Bye Popcorn Ceiling!

Spray the popcorn with warm water...needs to be VERY wet to discourage any damage to dry wall underneath. After popcorn is soaked scrape off with a 6" putty knife/scrapper. Work in small areas. Highly suggest this be a 2 person job. Also creates a HUGE mess...make sure you cover the floor, we had everything all taped and covered in plastic before hand. 

 After popcorn is gone we primed the ceiling, textured and painted!

Ceiling After

 This improvement alone made the house look brand new! Amazing what the popcorn does for the look of a house...yuk!

Progress on the rest of the house???? Here's some sneak peak pics!
So far whats on the list:
New paint entire house
Replace all light fixtures
New outlets and light switches
Replace all door locks
Adding some outlets
Installing fan boxes for mounting
New Carpet
And much more....

Still packing, cant wait to start decorating~
Bree and J

p.s. I know some of my pictures suck and are blurry sometimes, finally found my camera so I'll try to remember to take them with that instead. I just rely too much on my phone camera. Now I think of those stupid "beta phone tester commercials" when I take a pic...but sometimes the pictures are awesome and others...well...you can see NOT! But its the convenience that I love! I'm working on it! ;) Found the camera now just gotta find the charger! Baaahahaha!

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