Wednesday, May 16, 2012

What I did today!

I made this:

Look like this:

Normally I make the girls help but it was out of control!  And I was on a mission to find articles dirty clothing that my daughter stashes in random places.  She has a hamper but it doesn't help. :)

In other news, as Bree mentioned the other day, my family is getting ready to go on our first family vacation and it's to Disneyland!!!  I am so excited!  We will be celebrating my mom's 50th Birthday while we are there and having lunch with Ariel for Evie.  My girl love her some Little Mermaid!  She's crazy for Ariel.

My list of things to get done before we go:
Straighten garage
Swap Fridgerators
Straighten my bedroom
Scrub down the bathrooms
Scrub down the kitchen
Put away the Easter decorations
Put up some Memorial Day decorations
Finish my garden
Clean Evie's room
Mop my entire house
Finish up some projects
Pack our bags

These are thing in addition to my daily duties and getting ready for a birthday party when we get home for Miss Ally.  I have to straighten the garage so that we can swap our working fridgerator with the non-working one in my kitchen.  We have a house sitter and I don't want to be all ghetto with my fridges even though I've been living like this for 2 weeks.  I can't wait for VACATION!!!

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