Thursday, January 31, 2013

Cold Pizza and Coffee

It's before 6am and I'm up...eating cold pizza and drinking black coffee. This is rare for my normal (most recent routine).
Since I have been working nights the kids now stay up later than their normal 7:30pm bedtime which lets us all sleep in until 8am on an average. This has recently made things difficult in regards to keeping up with my blogging.
Not to mention I have been very unmotivated, truthfully I haven't even wanted to blog at all. Our lives are crazy and anything that can be put on the back burner HAS been put on the back burner. this how I want it to be? NO!
I miss blogging and I know some of you keep asking when we will back to a regular schedule...the truth is who knows.
What I DO know is that I have ALOT to talk about (cause we all know Bree LOVES to talk) and a lot to post and share!
Thanks for always being kind and patient.
Here's for hoping for a new "regular" schedule....for like the 30th time! Baahahahaaa!!!!

Coffee is MY super power!
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