Monday, December 17, 2012

Thank our Teachers!

With the tragic, recent Connecticut School shooting many parents are wanting to show their appreciation to the wonderful teachers that make it their priority to keep our kiddos safe!

 Here are some great ideas from last years Teacher Appreciation Week and the End of School Year Gifts! Make sure to follow the links below to see the tutorials or where to purchase these great gifts! 

Any of these would be great to say THANK YOU!
Show your teacher how great you think they are! 
Thank Them!

We can never thank our teachers, bus drivers, school administrators, and parent volunteers enough~
Bree and J
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  1. Hey Evie and I actually thanked our bus drivers today! They do so much to keep our kids safe and I just had to share my appreciation! I got the idea from here:
    I wrote "You deserve a hand for keeping me safe! Thank You" and Evie signed them. She also cut out the hand shapes herself and no I didn't get a good picture of course. col!

  2. I'm gonna rip my hair out...NO...I'm gonna rip YOUR hair out if you don't start taking pictures of your crafts when I'm not there! You do the coolest stuff!!!! COL!


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