Thursday, February 7, 2013

Don't take you tub for granted!

I have reached a new low!
I couldn't handle it anymore!
Yes...if you didn't already guess (lol)...
I attempted to take a bath in our stall shower...

Yes, You heard me!
Where the kids and I moved there is only one bathroom, no biggy, but NO bath tub/shower. It's just the stall! This has had its own challenges as far as "baths" for the kids but thankfully they were already used to taking showers before we moved. Plus usually the shower is easier all around! more relaxing baths for momma :( I thoroughly enjoy taking a nice, hot, relaxing, bubble bath with a book and a glass of wine and sitting there until the water gets cold. The last time I took a bath was over 11 months now. Before that I took one at least once a week (if kids aloud)

I finally broke down, plugged the drain in our 4 inch deep stall shower, dumped bubble bath in and let the shower run. My results were actually surprisingly relaxing! :) Funny how when determined you can make things work out of nothing!

{Don't take you tub for granted! ~Bree and J}
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