Monday, October 15, 2012

and CARRY ON Bree

This last week I have been trying my best to pack up the house to move. Saturday morning things started to hit me. Boxes lay half packed, unpacked, filled and marked all around me. I had a moment of sadness.
This house was nothing but a shell. Nothing but unfulfilled memories and hopes for a future here for my family. The neighborhood where we could walk out our front door to go trick or treating and catch the bus. The beautiful mantel decorated with all our stockings, where my kids could imagine Santa dropping down the fireplace. Warm summer days spent outside in our backyard...
...All to never happen....
It's not necessarily the memories that wont be made as it is the moments I had dreamed and hoped for are no longer there. New ones I'm sure will fill there place as we move into our new "home" and settle into our new routine.
It is bitter/sweet to say the least. To look around and see what never was.

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Happy Moving :(~
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  1. I know the feeling to well, I know that I soon will be packing your sisters up along with hopefully our beloved pets. This home that we are in now - we have had several of the memories that you speek of good ones and not so good ones. This home was never their father's home as his heart and sole were somewhere else. This home was just a $ taking things along with the girls beloved pets. It is hard not knowing what the next chapter will be but we do have loving family that care about us along with new friends and future family. There will be good memories to come I know it as we are very strong women that will do anything to make our kids feel loved and happy. Stay strong as I know I may not be there all the time for you but always remember that I love you with all my heart and will try to be there when I can as there may be times I really need you which I know you have been in the past.


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